Angry Birds Friends Pig To School Tournement

The Pig To School Tournament is an Angry Birds Friends Tournament that happened on:

  • Tournament 1 (September 2nd to September 4th, 2019)
  • Tournament 2 (September 5th to September 6th, 2019)
  • Tournament 3 (September 7th to September 8th, 2019)

It's a tournament entirely meant to celebrate the Back To School, where school time starts after a summer recess. This tournament features various new content, such as D Paper Cones and many others. Most of the items return from previous tournaments, such as The Up For School Tournament.



It's time to get Pig to Shcool! Get your apples ready and prepare for math lessons!


The tournament takes place on a courtyard of a school, where the wooden gate is visible and the door of the area has a SHCOOL written on top of it as a sign. In the far background, there is Pig City, with a bunch of houses.

In the foreground, there is a grass path.

New Features

It features several new things, such as:

  • Calculator: An easy to destroy object.
  • Cellphone: Another easy to destroy object.
  • Golden Grade: Another easy to destroy object. It gives 5000 points when destroyed.
  • Alarm: Another easy to destroy object. It chimes when destroyed.
  • Small Slingshot: Another easy to destroy object.
  • Backpack: Another easy to destroy object.
  • Paper Plane: Another easy to destroy object.
  • D Paper Cone: A pig's wear. It sometimes appears without the pig.
  • Female Teacher Pig: Merely a pig with long brown hair and glasses. The items can appear separately.
  • Red Glasses: Another pig's wear.
  • Pigtails: Another pig's wear. Meant for hair.


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