Piggies from the Deep is the forty-sixth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

This episode was aired on January 26, 2014.

Toons.TV Description

Two Minion Pigs pretend to be sharks to scare their fellows. But Foreman Pig wants his revenge. 



In a hot summer day in Pig City, all the pigs were enjoying the day and some pigs were having fun with water. A Minion Pig is seen relaxing in a pool holding a glass of cocktail, when suddenly a shark fin showed up in the pool. The pig became scared and jumped off the pool. The shark fin then turned out to be a pig.

The two pigs then had an idea when they saw Foreman Pig ready to jump into the pool in front of his house. As soon as Foreman Pig was about to jump, he noticed two shark fins, chasing him in various directions. Now scared, he landed in a barrel. The Shark Pigs laughed at their prank, but as they passed the barrel that Foreman Pig was stuck in, he learnt it was them that did the prank, causing him to plan his revenge on them.

The two pigs went to the public pool in the city, where Fat Pig dove into the water, causing a large splash that knocked out most of the pigs. Then Corporal Pig was coaching some Minion Pigs on practicing a synchronized swimming routine, with the routine ending with the pigs standing in an upside down pyramid. Suddenly, the shark fins showed up, scaring everyone, causing all the pigs from the pool to run out of it. Now with the pool abandoned, the Shark Pigs laugh again.

Noticing the Shark Pigs while hiding inside a booth, Foreman Pig opened a box. The pigs have returned with a humorous amount of weapons when Foreman Pig jumped out dressed as a shark. However, that caused everyone to assume he pulled the prank, causing them to angrily chase him around the pool. Meanwhile, the Shark Pigs were relaxing with some ice cream.



  • At the last couple of scenes where Foreman Pig gets chased, Fat Pig appears to be larger than he was in previous scenes.


  • This is the fourth time Carl Upsdell together with Thomas Lepeska directed an episode. The first was in El Porkador!, second in The Butterfly Effect, and third in Bird Flu.
  • This is the second time Valerie Chappelet wrote an episode. First in Hiccups.
  • This is the second time the iris-out does not pause briefly. The first was in Do as I Say!
  • Fat Pig appears as a tiny small pig, but can be recognized because he wears the same outfit. This marks the second time he has appeared in Angry Birds Toons, and this also may be a reference to Fat Pig after he is defeated in Utopia.
  • The scenes when the two pigs are sharks reference Jaws.
  • This is also the second (and final) episode to be animated by Atomic Cartoons before Toon City goes back to work animating the remaining Angry Birds Toons episodes.
  • When all the pigs come back to the pool with weapons, Fat Pig could be seen wielding a carrot, then taking a bite out of it.
  • This was #6 on Top 20 Angry Birds Toons Fan Favorites.

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