Piggy Dive
Piggy Dive.jpeg
Episode number 8
Air Date August 5, 2016
Written by Thomas Lepeska, Meruan Salim, Stefano Camelli, Duncan Rochfort and Joonas Rissanen
Directed by Thomas Lepeska
Birds Unknown
Pigs Unknown
The Bubble Trick One Big Hurdle

Piggy Dive is the eighth episode of Piggy Tales: Third Act.

Toons.TV Description

A frightened pig must overcome his fear to compete at the highest level.


A pig comes on a stairway to a plank and greets the audiance, which they chear, he prepares to jump off the plank to a pool by making exercise. He almost jumps but he looks down, which the pool was looking small and he runs away, then the camera focuses on him shaking in fear and holding the iron but he makes a pose and falls on the plank, he tries to look strong and jumps.

The camera tries to find where he went and he was actually trying to jump, the audiance gets angry and he prepares again. He crawls on the plank and looks down to the far pool, he almost jumps but he holds the plank and the audiance throws plungers at him.

He puts his diving cap on his eyes and jumps and falls on the pool that was actually small.


  • This episode is the first one to commemorate the Olympics.

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