Template:Infobox episode 2Piggy Farm is the 13th episode in Angry Birds. It was released on February 27, 2017, with 15 levels. 15 more levels were released on March 30, 2017.

Google Play and iOS Description

-Play the first 30 levels of an all-new episode down on the Piggy Farm!

-The Mighty League now features 6 levels every day! Double the levels = double the rewards!

Golden Eggs

Golden Egg #35 can be found at the medal section in the Mighty League.


It was just a normal day on a farm (Probably owned by the birds) until Foreman Pig stole the eggs and put them into a hay cart that is pulled by a bunch of pigs in a cow costume. Red and Matilda notice it and Chuck tries to get them by using a pitchfork. After a lot of effort, Red and Matilda defeat the cow pigs, but Foreman Pig escapes by entering a Time Machine as Chuck just catches his hat with the pitchfork.

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