Piggy Island is the home of the Angry Birds and Bad Piggies. It is also the environment that they live in, and it is the main location. The exact location of Piggy Island is a mystery, but Rovio claims that it has been designed to reflect elements of just about every location in the real world. The creation of Piggy Island was claimed to be a vital step in the expansion of the brand. The games originally gave a small glimpse at the world, but afterward, Piggy Island was revealed just bit by bit. For example, at the end of the Christmas Comic, a small glimpse of Piggy Island is seen. Then, in the Vuela Tazos Advertisement, the birds clearly were on the beach of Piggy Island. As time passed, more and more was revealed bit by bit.


Piggy Island as seen in Angry Birds Epic

Piggy Island

Piggy Island

Overall Appearance

Piggy Island notably has a pig-shaped mountain in its middle, flowing with water. Piggy Island is full of all sorts of vegetation, (trees, cacti, grass, etc.) It has all sorts of landforms, such as plains, plateaus, and mountains. It is inhabited by the birds and pigs, the pigs having their own city/lair. In the distance, Mighty Eagle's cave can be seen. It is also likely that the island Piglantis lies near the area. Where the two edges at the front of Piggy Island break up is a circular desert/canyon-like area.

Here is each significant landmark of Piggy Island.

Hog Head Mountain

Hog Head Mountain is the mountain in the middle of Piggy Island that is notably shaped like a Minion Pig. It is the most notable area in Angry Birds Epic as it is extremely large, or therefore, anyone who sees Piggy Island may think this is most notable. Bomb tries to control his temper by soaking in the hot springs on Hog Head Mountain.

This location is featured in:

  • Angry Birds Epic (location of a Special Spirit Caller)

Cobalt Plateaus

The Cobalt Plateaus is a reoccurring location on Piggy Island. It first appeared in Angry Birds Toons, being the location of several episodes such as Fired Up!. This is one of the places Red wishes to raise the eggs from the pigs. It appears in Angry Birds Epic with 27 levels in total. This is where Matilda has a garden called White's Garden. 

This location is featured in:

Slingshot Woods

Slingshot Woods was seen in several games but was first offically coined the name in Angry Birds Epic. It goes in several directions. The World of Angry Birds Official Guidebook tells that only Y-shaped trees grow there. The trees remind the pigs of the birds' slingshot, so they usually stay away from there.

This location is featured in:

South Beach

South Beach is located opposite of Slingshot Woods. It has only 3 levels. Located after South Beach is the Cobalt Plateaus. Due to the striking resemblance, this must be where the Vuela Tazos Angry Birds advertisement had taken place. This is the new nesting place of The Flock.

This location is featured in:

Desert Island

Desert Island is a location on Piggy Island that was seen in general but was classified first in Angry Birds Epic. Desert Island is sandy and has cacti growing as vegetation.

This location is featured in:

Golden Fields

The golden fields appear to be south to the Great Cliffs and east to the limestone lagoon. The location has golden-colored plants growing in them, giving the name its place.

This location is featured in:

Star Reef

This placed was named Star Reef not just because the area is shaped like a star, but sea-stars can also be harvested here.

This location is featured in:

Limestone Lagoon

Limestone Lagoon got its name due to its water being rich in Limestone. This water body surrounds Desert Island.

This location is featured in:

Bamboo Forest

Bamboo Forest is named as such due to the bountiful Bamboo growing in the area. This area has a traditional Asian feel due to Ninjas being present in the area.

This location is featured in:

Square Forest

Square forest is the other forest. It is located at the opposite of Bamboo Forest. This forest is located between Giant Red Valley and the Eastern Sea.

This location is featured in:

Old Nesting Barrows


Old Nesting Barrows is here.

It is known that this was the original nesting place of the Angry Birds before Angry Birds Toons and Angry Birds Epic. It was later abandoned, and it was taken over by Rogues and Monty in Angry Birds Epic. Currently, it is unknown why the birds moved from the Old Nesting Barrows to the South Beach. It is the place of the Mighty Sword which Mighty Eagle wants The Flock to take the sword to unlock the Mighty Eagle's dojo.

History behind the barrows

This location is featured in:


Main article: Piglantis

Piglantis is a location near Piggy Island that is also another island. Piglantis is where the Octopus Pig lives and is also where the Angry Birds Seasons episode Piglantis takes place. To access Piglantis, one needs to travel from Pig City Harbor.

This location is featured in:

  • Angry Birds Season: All Piglantis episodes

Bottomless Cave

This cave has a lot of Brutes and monster-sized pigs in Angry Birds Epic. This is probably where the Mine and Dine episodes was set.

This location is featured in:

  • Angry Birds Classic: All Mine and Dine episodes
  • Angry Birds Epic: Bottomless Cave

Chronicle Cave

This cave is where Chronicler Pig carves hundreds of dioramas and statues out of the natural green wax that oozes from the rocks inside the cave, according to The World of Angry Birds Official Guide. In Angry Birds Epic, there are lots of levels and all kinds of pigs are here. It is located inside Hog Head Mountain.

This location is featured in:

Crown Mountains

The Crown Mountains got its name due to being shaped like a crown for the pig-shaped Hog Head Mountain when viewed from afar. In Angry Birds Epic, this location is split into several smaller locations: Canyon Land, Snowy Peak, Winter Wonderland, and Island in the Sky. Due to its high altitude, the summit is permanently covered in snow. This is where the Sub Zero levels of Angry Birds Go! also occurs.

This location is featured in:

Pig City

Main article: Pig City

Pig City is the capital of Piggy Island, and is the official residence of King Pig. Hog Head Mountain, the Chronicle Caves, and the Old Nesting Barrows are located just outside the city limits. In Angry Birds Epic, the King Pig Castle is the final castle in the game, before WizPig creates his own castle at the summit of Hog Head Mountain with the final bird egg.


The Moorlands are at the top-right corner of Piggy Island. it is a mystery as to what occurs there. This location has only appeared in Angry Birds Epic so far.

This location is featured in:

Great Cliffs

The Great Cliffs are where Poached Eggs and Mighty Hoax takes place. It was the original nesting place before the Old Nesting Barrows and Cobalt Plateaus.

This location is featured in:

Trick or Treat Castle

Main article: Trick or Treat Castle

This location first appeared in Angry Birds Season in the Ham'o'ween episode. It was first officially named as such in Angry Birds Epic.

This location is featured in:

  • Angry Birds Season: All Ham'o'ween episodes
  • Angry Birds Epic: Trick or Treat Castle




  • The first appearance of Piggy Island was in the Angry Birds Christmas Comic at the last panel.
  • Inside the entrance of Rovio's Animation Department is a handcrafted model of Piggy Island encased in glass.
  • The whole Piggy Island also appears in the Toons episode Crash Test Piggies and Catching The Blues.
  • The island of Greater Inagua in the Carribean Sea bears a large resemblance to Piggy Island, in possible location, topography, and wildlife.
  • Piggy Island also resembles Neverland from Disney's Peter Pan, particularly the crescent-shaped lagoon on the southern portion of the island, the waterfall at the center of the island, and the mountain range on the northern portion of the island.


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