Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work is the second season of Piggy Tales that aired from April 17, 2015 to September 25, 2015. This season focuses on the Minion Pigs' lives at work.


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  • This might mean that the Piggy Tales studio is under renovation after the plot of It's A Wrap.
    • This might also show what the pigs do in constructing structures in the Angry Birds games.
  • The subtitle "Pigs at Work" is added onto the title card in a different manner in every episode like the "couch gags" in the openings in almost every episode of The Simpsons.
    • Nailed It!: The subtitle "Pigs at Work" is carved onto a slab of stone, which is hammered onto the screen using wooden pegs and mallets, but the mallets cause the sides of the slab to crack when the pegs are driven in and the slab falls off.
    • Lunch Break: The subtitle "Pigs at Work" is written on a piece of wood and is lowered onto the screen via pulley, though one of the pulleys breaks and the wooden sign tilts to the right.
    • Screw Up: The subtitle "Pigs at Work" is painted onto another piece of wood, but this time, the sign is too small meaning that there is no room for the last two letters of "Work" to be painted on, so a post-it note with "RK" written on it is slapped onto the sign instead.
    • Pile Up: The subtitle "Pigs at Work", again carved onto a stone slab, gets destroyed after being hit by a wrecking ball. The hard hat on the i falls off.
    • Step 1: A stencil reading "Pigs are Great!" is spray-painted on, but when it is removed, it instead reads "Pigs at Work."
    • Jackhammered: The subtitle "Pigs at Work" is written on a metal sign, which is scrubbed with a sponge, but ends up smearing it instead.
    • Race Nut: The subtitle "Pigs at Work" is written on a blueprint, and is slapped onto the screen with a piece of tape. However, the blueprint falls off the screen.
    • Predicament in Paint: Various signs reading "Pigs at Work" are installed, with all of them being colored blue except for the last one, which is yellow.
    • Get The Hammer: A loud explosion occurs, the hard hat on the i falls off, and a damaged metal sign reading "Pigs at Work" drops down.
    • Fabulous Fluke: The subtitle "Pigs at Work" is written on a stop sign, and is slapped onto the screen on a mechanical arm like the one on a school bus, but knocks "Tales" off the title.
    • Magnetic Appeal: A pig in a hard hat (we only get to see the hat) hits a metal sign with "Pigs at Work" written on it, causing the sign to bounce back and hit him on the head, and he walks off.
    • Porkatron: A wooden sign with the words "Pigs at Work" is glued onto the screen, but the sign falls off.
    • Grand Opening: The subtitle "Pigs at Work" is written on a stick of dynamite, which then squeaks and the sides flop.
    • Lights Out: A magnet attracts various objects including a sign reading "Pigs at Work" before a washing machine (similar to the one in Angry Birds Transformers, when an Autobird or Deceptihog is hit by a missile) lands on it.
    • Tipping Point: A metal box explodes and several objects including a wooden sign reading "Pigs at Work", as well as various tools and a rubber duck pop out of it.
    • All Geared Up: Several nails are tossed onto a fence with a "Pigs at Work" sign on it (similar to a "Road Closed" fence), but they all miss.
    • Dream House: The subtitle "Pigs at Work" is engraved onto a metal beam carried by a pulley, but the pulley drops it and the beam crashes and makes the word "Piggy" shatter.
    • Home Sweet Home: Several safety signs are slapped onto the screen, followed by an orange rhombus-shaped sign reading "Pigs at Work."
    • Mind The Gap: A wooden sign reading "Pigs at Work" is broken by a pickaxe, and the portion of the sign reading "Pigs" falls off.
    • Unhinged: The subtitle "Pigs at Work" appears on a leaky pipe, while a monkey wrench tries to screw the pipe back together.
    • Sticky Situation: Various yellow safety tape is wrapped around the screen, reading "Caution Balloons", "Under Pigstruction", "Watch Your Snout", "Do Not Eat This" and finally "Pigs At Work".
    • Final Exam: The subtitle "Pigs at Work" is formed by cracks created by an out-of-control jackhammer.
    • Three Little Piggies: Part of the title is sawed off, revealing "Pigs at Work", written in a psychedelic-looking font on a psychedelic background underneath.
    • Board to Pieces: A pig is washing a wooden sign reading "Pigs at Work" but accidentally switches it to a flamethrower and burns the sign.
    • Demohogs: The same from Lunch Break.
    • Swine Symphony: The words "Pigs at Work" is carved into a stone slab, which is being bolted via a drill, only for the drill to start spinning out of control in a circle.
  • This, along with the show's other three seasons have nothing to do with eggs.

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