Piggy in the Middle piggy in the middle
Episode number 9
Air Date June 6, 2014
Written by Chris Sadler
Directed by Chris Sadler
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Piggy in the Middle is the ninth episode of Piggy Tales.

Toons.TV Description

Two piggies are playing with a soccer ball, but when another pig wants to join in they play keep away. When will it be his turn?


Two Minion Pigs are playing soccer with passing the ball to each other. Suddenly, another piggy comes to the middle of them, hoping that he can join the game. Meanwhile, We can hear a beautiful song. Meanwhile, the minion pigs just ignore him and keep playing. Feeling upset, he takes a chair and try to catch the ball, but he can't reach it. Then he take a cannon and manages shoot the ball when it passes. He's about to catch the ball, but a piano falls on him instead along with Tenor Pig. Even his piano gets broken, he starts to play a terrible song while the ball landed to another Minion Pig.

In the credit screen, Tenor Pig is still playing his terrible song with his broken piano. 



  • It is possible that the episode reference to the upcoming World Cup 2014
  • The Episode take place in a theater Making a reference to Piggy Tales: Third Act That the show take place in a theater.
  • You can hear Tenor Pig make the music background throughout the episode (Until a Minion Pig accidentally shoots him with a cannon)
  • The song that the Tenor Pig performs is Nessun dorma.
  • This is a second episode with an epilogue in the credit screen, first being Push Button.


Piggy Tales "Piggy In The Middle"

Piggy Tales "Piggy In The Middle"

Hey! Can I play with you that fun throwing game?

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