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The Piggy kingdom,[2] also spelled as the Piggy Kingdom,[1] is a political body that appears in the Angry Birds series. It refers to the system of government that rules Piggy Island. The capital of the Piggy kingdom is Pig City. The current monarch of the Piggy kingdom is the infamous King Pig Smooth Cheeks, who inherited the throne from his father, Leonard.[2]


The Piggy kingdom is an absolute, hereditary monarchy, whose monarch is distinguished from the other pigs by their larger size. When assuming the throne, the monarch must follow ancient rules and laws, one of them being that they must eat eggs to rule the kingdom.[2]



Since the formation of the Piggy kingdom, a famous legend said that the monarch had to eat a Porkini Mushroom at least once in their life. If this was ignored, then tragedies and catastrophes would affect both the monarch and other members. Some incidents that happened due to the monarch failing to eat a Porkini Mushroom involved the Piggy kingdom being overthrown, the monarch vanishing into darkness, or being cursed with hiccups for three days straight.[3]

Some time ago, one former king of the Piggy kingdom found a Golden Egg, which he used to turn anything it touched into gold. This history was printed on a book on Golden Island.[4]

During the medieval period of '37, there was a catastrophe that involved the Queen Pig of that time, who was in a royal chariot driven by pigs until it tripped, causing a disaster and panic among the crew. Later, during '52, another incident occurred with the King Pig at that time, who was seriously angered to discover that his crown was being worn by two pigs without his permission.

At some point, King Ludpig XVI would eventually ascend to the throne as monarch of the Piggy Kingdom alongside his wife consort, Marie Hamtoinette. These kings would own a luxurious private garden on Piggy Island, which would continue to be active long afterwards, and would later be invaded by The Flock in an attempt to retrieve their eggs.

"My father, and my father's father, and my aunt Chloe, have always been seeking to eat eggs. But only I, King Mudbeard, found them!"
Leonard, The Angry Birds Movie

More recently, Leonard's grandfather, the then monarch of the Piggy kingdom, tried to find eggs to eat and extend his monarchy. However, he apparently failed. His son then tried doing so, but his operations backfired as well. Later, Chloe, Leonard's aunt, during her tenure she tried to find the eggs, however, her operations failed.


The Angry Birds Movie

A few days before his coronation, Leonard managed to track and find the location of Bird Island, where he could find eggs to eat. With a large army of Minion Pigs and some ships, he went to the island, where he was welcomed by its population. However, one bird, Red, was skeptical of the pigs' stay, though the other birds insisted that they were good people. That day, Leonard showed some of the Piggy kingdom's inventions to the birds, including a trampoline and a slingshot, before having a cowboy show. However, Red and his new friends, Chuck and Bomb, broke into the kingdom's ship and found many more pigs. Red suspected that something was wrong, though his complaints were ignored. The next day, Leonard discovered that the island had indeed lots of eggs as he predicted. As such, he started to prepare a giant party somewhere on Bird Island while his minions filled the island with TNT and stole the eggs. That night, he bombed the entire island and escaped to Piggy Island with the eggs.

The next day, at Pig City, the capital of the Piggy kingdom, Leonard had his coronation, and wanted to celebrate eating eggs for dinner found that night and the next one. However, a while later, the birds, led by Red, used the slingshot Leonard had shown them to attack the city, break through the king's castle, and rescue the eggs. Unhappy with this, Leonard sent all of his armies to counteract the birds. Unfortunately for him however, Red, Chuck and Bomb managed to break through his castle and rescue the eggs with the help of the Mighty Eagle. As the birds were about to leave though, one blue egg fell to the castle. Not wanting to have the pigs eat it, Red went back to the castle and had a duel against Leonard, which ended in the two and the egg falling to the castle's basement, which was filled with dynamite. Leonard used a candle to heat the egg, only to be stopped by Red. As the bird tried to escape with the egg, the candle lit a dynamite. Red spotted a cauldron falling high, and decided to use it to protect himself and the egg from the dynamite's explosion while Leonard was left outside. His plan succeeded, and managed to survive the gigantic explosion as the other birds escaped the city, which was being destroyed. During this moment, the egg hatched, giving birth to Jake, Jay and Jim.

However, it was soon after revealed that Leonard and other pigs survived the gigantic explosion. Seeking revenge on the birds, the king announced that he would be planning something while laughing maniacally.

The Angry Birds Movie 2



List of troops of the Piggy kingdom

Minion Pigs

Main article: Minion Pigs

The Minion Pigs are the most common of the troops of the Piggy kingdom. They live in Pig City, with most of them having different jobs. Some live in individual houses, while others live piled in large groups in one single building. The Minion Pigs are trained by Corporal Pig, or by his boss, Foreman Pig. Despite being very stupid, they are still a threat due to the great amount of them.[2]

The factions of Minion Pigs are as follows:

Image Name Description
StickPig.png Common Pigs These are the most common of troops, though they are also the weakest. It is common for them to appear in large groups, and sometimes accompanied by other factions of Minion Pigs. They only appeared in Angry Birds Epic.
Pirate.png Pirates The Pirates are commonly found in beaches and seas. While they are not the toughest of Minion Pigs, they are immune to negative effects. They only appeared in Angry Birds Epic.
Ghost.png Undead The Undead are Minion Pigs who revived from the undead. They are strong, and as immortals, will revive once they are knocked down. They only appeared in Angry Birds Epic.
Ice Pigmies.png Wildboars Wild and hostile, the Wildboars are tribes commonly found in jungles and snowy areas. They only appeared in Angry Birds Epic.
Ninja Bowman.jpg Ninjas The Ninjas are skilled fighters, who can dodge attacks. They only appeared in Angry Birds Epic.
Knight Of Light.png Knights The guards of the monarch of the Piggy kingdom. Tough and resistant, they are immune to low damage. They only appeared in Angry Birds Epic.


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