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Episode number 30
Air Date October 6, 2013
Written by Glenn Dakin
Directed by Kim Helminen
Thomas Lepeska
Birds The Blues
Pigs King Pig Minion Pig
Nighty Night Terence Pig Plot Potion

Piggywig is the thirtieth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description

King Pig starts panicking before his dinner as all the VIPs (Very Important Pigs) invited have beautiful wigs - except for him! Suddenly a Blue bird falls on the King's head. King Pig thinks it's a wig and then shows up for dinner wearing it proudly.


On a stormy night in The Blues' hideout, they continuously hit a pig poster using a Slingshot. Then, at Pig City, King Pig and his Minion Pigs celebrate him. In the King Pig's wardrobe, King Pig chooses a wig that is best for him. The Minion Pigs removed the crown on his head to wear him a Chronicler Pig-like wig, but he didn't want it when he saw it in the mirror. They removed it and changed. Next is like a black, evil wig, still, he didn't want it wherein the Minion Pigs laughed after a very short while. In the King's palace, wigged Minion Pigs are waiting for King Pig to arrive.

Back to the King Pig's wardrobe, they wear him a brown afro wig, still, he didn't want it. Back at the Blues' hideout, Jake and Jay launched Jim on a Slingshot to hit again the poster, but he flew very far away. Back again at the wardrobe, the minion pigs gave him a stupid-like wig that the ponytails are raised sidewards, but still, he didn't want it. Then a spikey wig, then a blonde wig, then a raised, blue wig, and a mop-like wig. He doesn't want all of those and cried.

Back again at the Blue's hideout, Jim launched again on the Slingshot to hit again the poster, but he flew very far away, struck by a bolt of lightning, descended after getting carried by the wind, and landed on the King's head at the wardrobe. Jake and Jay were worried for him when he was stricken by a lightning. At the wardrobe, the minion pigs were surprised of his wig that was look like a Blue Bird. They thought it as a wig.

Now, at the King's palace, where the trumpets sounded, King Pig arrived with his beautiful wig. The wigged minion pigs were surprised when they saw the wig. When he's at the center table, he grabbed a scroll and began to read it. The minion pigs were surprised when they saw a wig with one eye (Jim). Jim kept himself as a wig and King Pig saw them and wondered why they were surprised at him. He continued reading the scroll, then Jim started to make some funny faces so that assuming that they laughed at King Pig when they laughed. He didn't keep himself as a wig when King Pig saw them again and wondered why they were laughing at him.

He continued again to read the scroll, Jim continued to make some funny faces, The minion pigs laughed again. The blue bird continued it, and they wouldn't stop laughing. Then the King Pig shook his head and the blue Bird fell off and into a dish, and King Pig was scared of him. Jake and Jay opened the door to save Jim, They got angry at them, and fought them, except King Pig that was hiding under his scroll. Finally, Jake and Jay saved Jim, blew raspberries at them and then closed the door.

When King Pig saw them, he was surprised but laughed at them because of their funny faces. He continued to read the scroll, but he kept seeing their funny faces. He laughed continuously at the other minion pigs.

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  • This is the sixth episode to have a Pig, Pigs, Piggy, or Piggies' name in the title card. First was Pig Talent, Second was Crash Test Piggies, Third was Hypno Pigs, Fourth was The Bird That Cried Pig, and the fifth was Green Pig Soup.
  • This is the fifth episode the whole episode takes place at night. First was Pig Talent, the second was Thunder Chuck, the third was Hamshank Redemption, and the fourth was Nighty Night Terence.
  • This is the first episode directed by Thomas Lepeska with Kim Helminen.
  • This is the second time an episode has been written by Glenn Dakin.
  • One of the wig designs is similar to that of Elvis Presley.
    • This may have been a reference to Elvis' moniker of The King.
  • In the palace, the carpet is red just like the episode Slappy-Go-Lucky.
  • This was the second time someone else was wearing King Pig's crown. The first was in Trojan Egg, Where Chef Pig was wearing his crown, attempting to steal the throne.
    • Also, This was the second time a bird wore King Pig's crown, the first was Red but this time it's Jim.


  • When one of the Blues fell to King's head perfectly, then he looked himself in the mirror, the crown of the minion pig was holding disappears. (Gallery Section, Picture No. 11)
  • The wigged minion pigs were exactly ten, but when one of The Blues (Jay, Jake or Jim)  does some funny faces to them for the third time (as in, they laugh boisterously), they are all nine (The black-wigged minion pig at the right got lost in his seat). But when King Pig accidentally dropped the blue bird on his head, there were ten again. (See Gallery)
  • Some pigs changes spots as a glitch.



Angry Birds Toons Piggywig - S1 Ep30

Nice wig, King Pig!

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