Piggywood Studios

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Episode number 27
Levels Part 1: 17
Part 2: 21
New features New Bird Wear;

Various new objects;

Selectable Bird Wear as avatar.

Released Part 1:
August 25, 2016
Part 2:
September 27, 2016
Game(s) Angry Birds Seasons
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Piggywood Studios is the twenty-seventh episode in Angry Birds Seasons. It was released on August 25, 2016. It is the fourth official episode of the Seasons 2016 package. This episode was released in celebration of the Angry Birds Movie DVD and Blu Ray release.

Part 2 was released on September 27, 2016, with additional 21 levels.  

Golden Eggs

Main Article: Angry Birds Seasons Golden Eggs

Part 1

1. Three Star every level.

2. In 1-1 it is under the slingshot on the left-hand side, and you must aim diagonally backward/down, wait for it to rebound off the wall when near the pieces of wood explode/blow up.

3. In 1-6, it is at the top right corner and should be visible near your score once you zoom outwards.

Part 2

1. Three Star every level.

2. In Level 2-33, the Golden Egg is hidden in the sand at the bottom right corner.

3. In Level 2-34, the Golden Egg is on a platform at the top right corner.

App Store and Google Play Descriptions

Part 1

It's not just eggs these pigs like to steal. The pigs are "reimagining" their favorite Hollywood film plots in a bundle of all-new levels. Go behind the scenes in a new chapter, and see if you can guess which movies inspired the pigs' "masterpieces"!
– New Chapter: Piggywood Studios, Part 1!
– 17 New Levels
– 4 New bonus levels
– Stay tuned for Piggywood Studios, Part 2!

Part 2

Get ready for Piggywood Studios: Part 2 – this time, it's personal. Or something like that. The pigs are back with a new batch of the low budget takes on high budget film classics.


Part 1

The cutscene shows when the player completes 1-17.

Red, Chuck, and Bomb are in a theater watching a movie with a To Be Continued---> screen.

Part 2

The cutscene shows when the player completes 2-38.

A Pig waves at the screen while saying: That's all hogs!


  • More than 20 famous classic movie scenes are recreated at certain levels, such as The Angry Birds Movie, Back to the Future, Alien(s), etc. They are the following:
    • 1-1: Piggywood (Not a movie)
    • 1-2: Back to the Future
    • 1-3: The Angry Birds Movie (Castle Infiltration scene)
    • 1-4: Waterworld
    • 1-5: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
    • 1-6: Aliens
    • 1-7: Inception
    • 1-8: Harry Potter
    • 1-9: Mad Max
    • 1-10: The Martian
    • 1-11: We Bought a Zoo
    • 1-12: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
    • 1-13: The Terminator
    • 1-14: Jurassic Park
    • 1-15: 300
    • 1-16: The Matrix
    • 1-17: The Lord of the Rings
    • 1-18: Sharknado
    • 2-1: Mars Attacks!
    • 2-2: Howl’s Moving Castle
    • 2-3: Avatar
    • 2-4: Raiders of the Lost Ark
    • 2-5: The Angry Birds Movie (Castle Banquet scene)
    • 2-6: Metropolis
    • 2-7: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
    • 2-8: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    • 2-9: Citizen Kane
    • 2-10: Rear Window
    • 2-11: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    • 2-12: Beetlejuice
    • 2-13: King Kong
    • 2-14: The Nightmare Before Christmas
    • 2-15: Spirited Away
    • 2-16: Modern Times
    • 2-17: The Shining
    • 2-18: Titanic
    • Golden Egg 1: Flappy Bird (Not a movie)
    • Golden Egg 2: Gravity
    • Golden Egg 3: Metropolis
    • Golden Egg 4: Tremors
    • Pig Oscar: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
    • Superstar: Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  • Despite this, The Angry Birds Movie is retitled "Angry Pigs".
  • The opening music on the level screen sounds similar to the 20th Century Fox Film Corporation opening from 1994 and 1997 which is composed by Bruce Broughton and David Newman which is used in Rio.
  • Golden Egg #78 is designed to look like the popular app game Flappy Bird.
  • Mechanic Pig can be seen in the Selection bar of the episode, and also appears as the director of the movie.
  • In the Part 2 episode button, A Hollywood Star can be seen with the name ''Director Pig''.
  • The ending cutscene of part 2 of this episode features a pig saying "That's all hogs!", which is a reference to The Looney Tunes where after each episode, Porky Pig says "That's all folks!".


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