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Pigini Beach is an episode of Angry Birds Friends released on July 10, 2012. It is another beach-themed episode like Surf and Turf and has 15 levels and the final episode of the Story Mode.


Red, Bomb, and The Blues were relaxing in the water when the Eggs were snatched by a hook by two Medium Pigs.

The birds make their most efforts, defeat the pigs and save their eggs.


The level takes place in the same beach as Surf and Turf but at afternoon, and instead of having 45 levels like the previous, it has only 15.

The episode features the birds from previous episodes and Mighty Eagle, but it features some few new additions, which are the yellow floaters, that work the same way as rubber.

In the final level, 15, King Pig appears as a boss, and the final boss of the entire game, with his throne and everything, but a tiki statue blocks him, so heavy birds must destroy it to defeat him.



  • This is the third major update in the summer of 2012. The first was the Piglantis update and the second was Summer Pignic which was added to Google Chrome.
  • In the beginning, when Angry Birds Friends was released as Angry Birds Facebook, Surf and Turf used to be an exclusive level. It was later updated in Angry Birds Classic on March 20, 2012. However, it is unknown if Pigini Beach will be updated in Angry Birds Classic just like Surf & Turf did.
  • In the beginning cutscene, there are only two Blue Birds. However, in the ending cutscene, there are three.
  • The theme of the levels of Pigini Beach is the same as Surf and Turf, except for the sky as if the sun is rising or setting.
  • The word "Pigini" is based on the word "Bikini".
  • This episode was removed on January 2020 update of the game along with other episodes.
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