For the similar episode featured in Seasons 2011 ,see Summer Pignic. Template:Infobox episode Piglantis is the twelfth season in Angry Birds Seasons and the fifth in Seasons 2012. It was released on June 14th[1] with other platforms such as PC, and is the current episode for Angry Birds Seasons. This episode is the second Summer based episode, the first being Summer Pignic. The new feature in the game is buoyancy: birds, glass, and wood can go in water and are light enough to be pulled back out of water. Pigs and stone are too heavy to come back up and will sink down until they touch the bottom. Pigs can stay underwater for only a short amount of time before they run out of air and the pigs are defeated.

Golden Eggs

  • There is a Golden Egg in level 2-4. You must use a White Bird to destroy the coral and then a Big Brother Bird to get it underwater.
  • Get all 3 stars in every level.


  • This episode name is a pun on the fabled city Atlantis.
  • The bird's special actions can be activated underwater other than the Boomerang Bird, who's ability is useless underwater because he can't boomerang back underwater.
  • The Bad Piggies are slightly different in appearance, as are the color of the Mighty Eagle and pause buttons.
  • The egg that the White Bird shoots will not explode if it hits water. Instead, the ocean current drifts it until it hits an obstacle. The Egg can also explode under the water if it hits the ocean floor or obstacles found under the water (Ex. Seashells, Starfish, Coral, & Blocks).
  • If you explode a Bomb Bird underwater, the explosion sound effect will be muffled.
  • The Octopus Pig is on the loading screen.
  • The theme has changed on the update of Back to School.



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