Not to be confused with When Pigs Fly

Pigs Can Fly
Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 4.41.05 PM.png
Episode number 28
Air Date May 30, 2019
Written by Meruan Salim
Directed by Meruan Salim
Birds Unknown
Pigs Unknown
Snout Invasion N/A

Pigs Can Fly is the twenty-eighth and last episode of Piggy Tales: 4th Street and the last episode for the entire Piggy Tales series.

YouTube Description

It's the end of the show and a happy pig sings us off in style.


The episode starts focusing on a Radio. Then a pig notices and picks it up. He starts to sing around the streets. He gives the radio to a pig, which he and another pig enjoys. The singing pig rides a hoverboard. The pig with the radio gets ran over by a motorbike, while the other pig starts running because there was a car on the street.

The singing pig then presses a key on the keyboard from a pig, in which the pig is hit by pink toilet paper. He then fires up candles on a pig's birthday cake with a match. Then he throws it away which hits the birthday pig's hat and sets it on fire. Which makes Fire Chief Pig and his helper come to fight the blaze.

The singing pig then jumps into a manhole. Then Cupid Pig appears walking with his tricycle and Ghost Hog with his motorbike which he loses control of it. The singing pig gets out of the manhole with the help of a pig with a box on the head. He then tackles a basketball off a near pig, which hits Thief Pig and then makes two pigs fall off a branch.

The singing pig then appears on the basketball court with angry pigs going to fight him. Then the pig starts riding a firework which a nearby pig's UFO fits with the firework's top, then the firework explodes and shows a THE END written with firework sparks.


  • ♩ Pigs Can Fly, Fly, ♩ 
  • ♩ Pigs Can Fly, baby don't you know that Pigs Can Fly? ♩
  • ♩ Pigs Can Fly, so high, ♩
  • ♩ Fly, so high, ♩
  • ♩ Nothing's gonna keep me down, a pig like me would stay on the ground. ♩
  • Fellas, let's spread our wings, let's go!
  • Ah! Spread your wings and go, flying so high, easy for us.
  • ♩ I can fly, so high, I can fly! ♩
  • ♩ Nothing's gonna keep me down, a pig like me would stay on the ground. ♩


  • The lyrics are an alternative way to say that everything is possible and dreams should never be given up.




Piggy Tales 4th Street - Pigs Can Fly (FINALE)

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