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Pinky is a female bird that hosts the Speed Dating events on Bird Island.


Pinky is a tall pink bird with a bill-nosed beak, long brown hair, brown eyebrows, and green pupils.


She is a happy bird that loves to walk around the village and talk with her friends. She hosted the Speed Dating event on Bird Village before Leonard came to the island.

She has a hatchling that tweets almost every time.

Media appearences[]

The Angry Birds Movie 2[]

Three years after Red saved the Eggs, Pinky was one of the many residents of the island that hails Red as a hero. However, she was also one of the many residents that accepted the truce between the Birds and Pigs, much to Red's dismay.

Pinky later hosted a Speed Dating event on Bird Island, and was sad when Red stormed out of the event because Silver asked about his inner feelings. After Mighty Eagle's cave was destroyed by Zeta's ice ball, Pinky was shocked about it instead of being scared like Zeta wanted. When Red, Chuck, Bomb, Mighty Eagle, Chuck's sister Silver, Leonard and his assistant Courtney were heading to Eagle Island, Matilda was concerned about the safety of Bird Island but Pinky reassured that Red will protect them no matter what.

Unfortunately Matilda's concern was right, as Bird Island is later attacked by Zeta's new lava ice balls and runs in panic. After that ordeal, she attended Zeta and Mighty Eagle's wedding.

Game appearances[]

The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure[]

Pinky appears in the opening cutscene of The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure, but it is a reused clip from The Angry Birds Movie 2, so she is not playable.







  • She is a reskin of the Yoga Instructor.
  • Her name “Pinky” might been the same name as pink bird Stella's original name.


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