Episode number N/A
Levels 5
New features Unknown
Released Unknown
Game(s) Abr icon
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N/A Player choice.

Playground is an episode in Angry Birds Rio, consisting of 5 levels. Similarly to Power-Up Practice in Angry Birds Friends (mobile), you will have unlimited Power-Ups at each level, including Mighty Eagle . You will have to complete those levels only then can you start the game when you first downloaded it.


The small episode uses the same background as Rocket Rumble, however, the rockets are absent. The episode introduces the game to new players and/or players can pratique in it. The levels feature the following content:

  • Level 1: Introduces Red (4) , the Marmosets (3) , woodens blocks, bananas, boxes and palmtrees.
  • Level 2: Introduces Jay, Jake and Jim (4) and stone and glass blocks. Features 4 Marmosets.
  • Level 3: Introduces Chuck (5), compact box and mangos. Features 5 Marmosets, wooden and stone blocks and box.
  • Level 4: Introduces cardboard box and iron parts. Features, Jay, Jake and Jim, (2)  Red (2), previous blocks and 4 Marmosets.
  • Level 5: Features Jay, Jake and Jim (2), Chuck (2) and a Red, 5 Marmosets and previous blocks.

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