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Angry Birds Plush Toys are stuffed animals of the characters. They are available in 4 sizes (5", 8", 12", 16"), or as Backpack Clips (3"). There are currently 75 different plushies, some of which include sounds, while others don't. Angry Birds plush toys can be found at most stores that sell toys, such as Toys"R"Us, Walmart and Angry Birds plush toys are also available in online stores, such as the Angry Birds Online Shop, ToyWiz, eBay, and They are also available at the Angry Birds Theme Park in Finland, Malaysia, and China. 


The most iconic brand to make angry birds plushies. They have also made the most. Every plush you see on this page from "Angry Birds " to "Angry Birds GO!" was made by them. Also in North America, there were versions of the Commonwealth plushie's produced by Goodstuff which had the iconic "Not for retail sale" tag on their back end. However these were only used in arcades such as prizes in claw/trap door machines.

The "Piggy Bank Plush" mentioned below was an unreleased plush that used NFC technology to communicate with the game.:[2][3][4]

Angry Birds



Birdday Plush

Squeeze Plushes

Angry Birds Seasons





Valentine's Day

St. Patrick's Day

Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Space


For more information on all the Space Birds, please go to their pages.

  • There's a released Space Egg Plush.[citation needed]

Angry Birds Star Wars



Tesco Plushies

In 2015, Tesco released some Angry Birds Star Wars plushies, which were like the original set but not as high quality.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

Birds (Never Released)

Pigs (Never Released)

Angry Birds Go! (Never Released)

Angry Birds Stella



College Football

During 2014, a few college football teams and Angry Birds collaborated to produce plush toys with Red and Bomb. It is unknown if Chuck was ever in this set. A full list of the released variants can be found here.


During 2014, the Major League Baseball association and Angry Birds collaborated to produce plush toys with Red, Chuck and Bomb. That being Red as the batter, Chuck as the pitcher and Bomb with a winter hat of the team's mascot on it. A full list of the released variants can be found here.


In the years of 2011 through around 2014, Goodstuff has been manufacturing Angry Birds plush toys for arcades and private labels as prize toys.[5] The birds and pigs in this set looked identical to the Commonwealth plushies (in the sets of Angry Birds Classic, Seasons, Rio, and Space) but they did not have any voice boxes inside of them. These variants are commonly known for their "NOT FOR RETAIL SALE" text on the back of their bottom white tags.


Gemmy Industries is a holiday decorations maker founded in 1984 and is located in Coppell, Texas. They have partnered with Rovio to make Angry Birds Holiday Inflatables and Plush Toys. They started manufacturing some of their plush toys during 2013-2014.

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Logonet Promotion

Logonet Promotion produced the Silver plush that was given away through competitions on Facebook in 2016 [6] and 2019 [7] Logonet-Promotion produced several toons plushies (Red, Stella, King Pig, Minion Pig, more?), which were sold at the Angry Birds Activity Park in Malaysia too.

Hartz Dog Toys

Hartz released many different Angry Birds plush toys, with holiday-themed sets for Christmas [8] and Halloween:[9]


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a photo contest was held in 2012, and the grand prize was the Angry Birds Hartz Toys and other Hartz products.

Known Winners

1371Cupcake on YouTube (placing unknown, maybe around 2nd or 3rd place.)

The Angry Birds Movie


Commonwealth originally produced the first line of Angry Birds Movie plush toys, such as pencil toppers, bag clips, 5", 7" and 11" varents.

Spin Master

Spin Master produced plushes for the characters in The Angry Birds Movie. There were only plush toys made for Red, Chuck, Bomb, Terence, Leonard and Ross in this set.[10]




Jazwares produced a series of character plush based on the movies./Dream Blast

Sonic Drive-In

During the 2016 Sonic Convention,[11][12] it was possible to purchase a "Tot Plush" that was produced by C3BrandMarketing and made to resemble Red. It sat a 4 inches and was speculated that the plush cost around $5–10 USD for the employees that attended.


The Angry Birds Movie 2

Whitehouse Leisure

Whitehouse Leisure manufactured and distributed these Angry Birds Movie 2 plushies (mainly in Europe)


Cinemark did a promo where at their theaters you can buy 3 special edition Angry Birds Movie 2 plushes, which included Red in a ball, Green Hatchling and Pink Hatchling.


GSC (Golden Screen Cinemas) is similar to Cinemark, but they do more movie promotions and hosts French film festivals. They released a plethora of ABM2 hatchling keychain plushies that promoted the movie.

Burger King

In April 2021, Burger King and Rovio announced that they will be releasing 9 different plush balls of the characters from The Angry Birds Movie 2, including Red, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, Silver, Stella, The Blues, Vincent, and Mighty Eagle. So far they are only available in the United States and Australia for a limited time until June 2021.

Box Sets


MZB Imagination produced a range of 2" plush, sold as Fuzzy Feather Flingers.



  • The Blues, Chuck, Bomb, and Hal are the only plushes to go through noticeable design changes.
    • The old version of The Blues and had eyes staring into the void, whereas the new remake is cross-eyed.
    • Just like The Blues, Chuck got the same treatment.
    • The old version of Bomb had a white spot on its forehead, as it does in the games. The new version doesn't have a white spot, which was released in April 2011 with the updated tags.
    • The old version of Hal has an open beak, while larger sizes do not. The new version has the new design, without the open beak and ring.
  • The first release of 5" Hal, Matilda, most pigs (except Foreman Pig, Chef Pig, and Cowboy Pig) and inflated Bubbles are the only plushies from Commonwealth Toys with open mouths.
  • The Mighty Eagle, Marmoset, Hockey Bird and Nerdy Birdy are the only plushies to be released without any others along with it.
  • The Hockey Bird plush is not available on any websites or shops.
  • The Corporal Pig is the only pig plush that is beaten up. However, in parts of Asia there comes one where Corporal Pig is grinning yet has a crack on his helmet. It's very likely however that it was a factory error.
  • The Mighty Eagle is the most expensive plush, probably because it only comes in one size, or it is very big.
  • There has been a leaked photo of the R2-D2 plush and it is likely to come out.
    • There also have been leaked photos of new Toons plush toys. They have the same graphic type as the Stella plushes and new texture. But they were never released.
  • The first person to own a Silver plush was an administrator of this wiki, named The Boomerang.

Telepizza plushies being sold at the Adventure Golf store.


Changi Airport

There was a deal when using VISA at Changi airport in Singapore in Christmas 2011, which offered several exclusive Angry Birds plushes:[13]

There was an Angry Birds Space exhibition at Changi airport in Singapore in Christmas 2012, which offered several exclusive Angry Birds Space plushes:[14]


Furyu produced a few Angry Bird and Pig plush, which were sold in Japan:

Lottery Plush Hangers

The designs used in Japan are completely different, compared to plush toys in other regions.

Several other Angry Birds plushes were available as lottery prizes in Japan, through various shops. promotions:[15]


These plush toys were manufactured in late 2012 - early 2013 and were exclusively released in Japan.

Hockey Bird

NeH produced a Hockey Bird plush in Finland, which was released in several different sizes.


McDonald's released eight small plush in Brazil, using Angry Birds Toons designs through a promotion in November 2015.[16]

McDonald's released six small plush in boxes in China, through a promotion in October 2012.[17]


Sunwoo released several bulkier plush in South Korea in three sizes:[18]

Sunwoo also released the Angry Birds Space plush, using more unique designs:

TCC Global

TCC Global produced several Angry Bird and Pig plush, which were available in Asia and Europe through various promotions. They are also sold in Angry Birds Adventure Golf gift shops. Red and Bubbles can also be found on Rovio's official amazon page.

TCC Global added two more Angry Birds plush in the second wave of promotions:

The Angry Birds designs are much angrier and Helmet pig is a completely different design.


Around January 2016, The company SHUOYA released 7 plushies based off the Angry Birds Toons designs of the characters, including Red, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, The Blues, Stella, and a Minion Pig. They were only released around Korea and China on online retailers, Angry Birds Play Center in Ponte 16 Macau, and Angry Birds Juice and Tea. They are still being sold today at Angry Birds Play Center.





Hunter Leisure/Toy Factory

In 2020 for the 10th anniversary of Angry Birds, Toy Factory (in the United States) [19] and Hunter Leisure (Australia & surrounding area) [20] released plush toys of Red, Chuck, Bomb, Stella, Matilda and Minion Pigs for $19.99 each. On release, the Toy Factory variants had rectangular tags, only came in 2 size (5 inch and 8 inch) and were only found in arcade claw machines, but soon were added to eBay listings and 3rd party sites to sell off extra stock. For the Hunter Leisure variety, they had circular tags and came in three sizes (5 inch, 8 inch and 12 inch).


  • The TCC Global plushies are also used in Angry Birds On The Run.
  • Apart of Rovio's "Magic" line of NFC products, there was plans to make Angry Birds plushies that were NFC compatible. There would be NFC tags in the left eye of each plush, with the Mighty Eagle plush unlocking M.E. or other plushies adding money to the Bad Piggy Bank.


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