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Poached Eggs is the first episode of Angry Birds Classic and the very first episode of any Angry Birds game. It consists of three themes, all of which take place on a large plain during different times of the day, each containing 21 levels. In the episode, Red loses focus of the eggs when a mosquito lands on one of them, giving a minion pig the chance to steal them.


The following is from The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, as told by the Mighty Eagle:

  I couldn't believe it when I heard what had happened. Red, Chuck and the Blues were looking after the nest when a mosquito made the mistake of landing on one of the eggs.

Red saw, well, red. He chased the mosquito up and down, round and round until . . . he lost it. Nice one, Red. And when the birds looked back at the nest, it was empty. The eggs were gone!

You see while Red and the others were distracted by the mosquito, a Minion had seen his chance. He pounced, pinching the eggs right from under their beaks. Disaster!


Theme 1



1-15 1-161-171-181-191-201-21

Theme 2



2-15 2-162-172-182-192-202-21

Theme 3



3-15 3-163-173-183-193-203-21

Angry Birds Reloaded

The chapter returns in Angry Birds Reloaded in the form of Hot Pursuit. Due to the game having chapters being ordered by 15 levels each in 3 pages, the number of levels had to be decreased by almost a fourth of its original amount, but some of the levels that didn't appear in Hot Pursuit later appeared in When Birds Fly. The order of levels were also scrambled around.



  • Before the episode colors were removed in version 2.1.0 (2.0.0 for the PC release), the color of Poached Eggs’ episode card was cyan.
  • In Angry Birds Trilogy, the pigs are seen using a magnifying glass to cook the eggs.
  • This is the only episode in the original game where the Bad Piggies do not use any special technique to capture the eggs (e.g. in Danger Above, the pigs use balloons to capture the eggs).
  • In the current final cutscene, the eggs' size is larger compared to the birds, larger than King Pig.
  • Before the world button was removed in 1.3.2, the level select featured the following images:
    • Red, Jay, and Chuck with 3 Minion Pigs
    • Red, Bomb, and Chuck with 2 Corporal Pigs and a Minion Pig
    • Bomb, Jay, and Matilda with King Pig and Foreman Pig
  • In the old version of the opening cutscene, Chuck had a prototype design that was never used in any other Angry Birds/Bad Piggies media. Eventually, the opening cutscene was modified to have the characters' standard designs, including Chuck's design.
  • 45 levels appear in Hot Pursuit, and 13 appear in When Birds Fly. The remaining levels (2-20, 2-21, 3-5, 3-20, and 3-21) have not yet had a remake.
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