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Poached Eggs 1-14 (AKA Boulder Backdrop) is the fourteenth level of "Poached Eggs". This level has nine Pigs in total and four Reds are usable in this level. It introduces Medium Pig.

3-Star Strategy

Fire the first Red at the single ice brick which should make the Stone come crashing down and defeat about a third of the Pigs. Fire the second Red so that it rolls when it hits the ground and kills the rest of the pigs. The 2 unused Red's should give the player 20,000 extra points.

Angry Birds Reloaded

Poached Eggs 1-14 reappears in Angry Birds Reloaded as the thirty-fourth level of Hot Pursuit. The level itself remains unchanged.


  • This level is likely to be made of stone with only one ice block.
  • This is the first level to include the Medium Pig.

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