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Poached Eggs 1-21
Episode Poached Eggs
Level Number 21
Birds Sequence The BluesRedChuckThe BluesRedChuckChuckChuck
No. of Pigs Large Pig x2 Corporal Pig x1
3-Star Score ThreeStars (Transparent).png: 75,000 points
Blocks Unknown
Other features Unknown
Poached Eggs 1-20 Poached Eggs 2-1

Poached Eggs 1-21 (AKA Tuku Castle) is the 21st level of Poached Eggs. It is the final level of Theme 1, and is where the first Corporal Pig is encountered.

Three Star Strategy

Fire the Blues at the left side of the castle. These should cause this portion of the castle to collapse, as well as killing the pig inside. Fire Red towards the Corporal Pig. He won't do much, but he'll help clear a pathway for the next bird. The third bird should be launched at the same angle as the second, towards the Corporal Pig. Although this probably won't take out the Corporal Pig, it will collapse the tower above him. Use the fourth bird to clear out any rubble around the Corporal Pig. Throw the fifth bird at the glass above the rightmost pig. The tower should collapse like in step one. Finally, use the sixth bird on the Corporal Pig again, finishing him once and for all (if the pig from step five survives, use the bird to take him out along with his helmet). The two final unused birds award the player 20,000 extra points.


The Birds defeat the Corporal Pig and the birds continue pursuing the pigs.

Angry Birds Reloaded

Poached Eggs 1-21 reappears in Angry Birds Reloaded as the fortieth level of Hot Pursuit. The level itself remains unchanged. However, this level doesn't introduce Corporal Pig, as he was introduced in Poached Eggs 3-12 alongside Foreman Pig, in which the level was scrambled to be the twenty-ninth level of the chapter.

Poached Eggs 1-21 in Angry Birds Reloaded

Video Walkthrough

See Theme 1-21/Video Walkthrough


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