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Poached Eggs 1-5
Episode Poached Eggs EP
Level Number 5
Birds Sequence DiehardDiehardDiehardDiehard
No. of Pigs Teamster: 3 Teamster: 2
3-star Score ThreeStars (Transparent): 64,000 points
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Poached Eggs 1-5 is the fifth level of Angry Birds, and the first to have Large Pigs. The player is supplied with 4 Red Birds. There are also three Small Pigs and two large pigs below them.

3-Star Strategy

Hit the first Red Bird near the top of the highest horizontal wood block. The block should move aside due to the weight of the stone boulder, and the boulder should crash through the three small pigs. The rest of the structure should destroy one of the lower horizontal wood blocks, allowing the boulder to crush the two large pigs.

Tip: It will be easier to push the stack when you hit the top of the tall and thin vertical stone block which is just slightly lower than the highest horizontal wooden block. This way is very easy to repeatable, but for high scores, you need to destroy as much blocks as you can. An another interesting way is to work your way on the top, means you have to destroy the glass blocks at the top of the stack. This will cause the vertical blocks below to open the way for the boulder to fall and crush the pigs.


  • In the old versions, the two large horizontal glass blocks near the base of the structure are replaced by wood.
  • This is the first level the Large Pig appears in.



Old version design

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