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Poached Eggs 2-18
Episode Poached Eggs
Level Number 39
Birds Sequence The BluesMatildaChuckMatilda
No. of Pigs Large Pig x3 Corporal Pig x2
3-Star Score ThreeStars (Transparent).png: 60,000 points
Blocks Unknown
Other features Unknown
Poached Eggs 2-17 Poached Eggs 2-19

Poached Eggs 2-18 is the 39th level of Poached Eggs.

3-Star Strategy

Fire the Blue Bird so that each of the split birds hits one boulder, one Stone, one Wood and one Glass. If done correctly, the three boulders should topple over the Large Pigs inside and the falling debris should kill the Helmet pigs below. The three final unused birds award the player 30,000 extra points.

Angry Birds Reloaded

Poached Eggs 2-18 reappears in Angry Birds Reloaded as the thirty-first level of Hot Pursuit. The level itself remains unchanged.

Poached Eggs 2-18 in Angry Birds Reloaded

Video Walkthrough

See Poached Eggs 2-18/Video Walkthrough

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