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Poached Eggs 2-6
Episode Poached Eggs
Level Number 27
Birds Sequence BombBombBomb
No. of Pigs Small Pig x1 Medium Pig x1 Large Pig x1 Corporal Pig x1
3-Star Score ThreeStars (Transparent).png: 62,000 points
Blocks Unknown
Other features Unknown
Poached Eggs 2-5 Poached Eggs 2-7

Poached Eggs 2-6 is the 27th level of Poached Eggs.

3-Star Strategy

This level is fairly simple to beat. Shoot the first Black Bird so that it lands directly to the right of the highest pig. If done correctly, the boulder to the right should roll onto the structure, which should capsize and crush the pigs within. The last 2 unused birds award the player 20,000 extra points.

Angry Birds Reloaded

Poached Eggs 2-6 reappears in Angry Birds Reloaded as the twentieth level of Hot Pursuit. The level itself remains unchanged, and is rather used to introduce Bomb instead of Poached Eggs 2-5.

Poached Eggs 2-6 in Angry Birds Reloaded

Video Walkthrough

See Poached Eggs 2-6/Video Walkthrough

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