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Poached Eggs 3-21 (A.K.A. King Pig's Palace) is the sixty-third level in Angry Birds Classic, and the last of the episode Poached Eggs. King Pig makes his grand debut as an enemy. The player is supplied with six Matildas and two Bombs.

3-Star Strategy

Use the first Matilda so that she defeats the first two Corporal Pigs. Next, shoot the first Bomb under the first Large Pig, so that he defeats both that Large Pig and the Small Pig above it. Use the next Matilda at the same area to reduce the Stone rubble above the King Pig. Shoot the next Bomb bird there too, so that it hits the King Pig. All of the Pigs except the last Corporal Pig should be defeated. Lastly, use the next Matilda to kill the final pig. The last unused Matilda awards the player 10,000 extra points.


The Birds defeat King Pig, along with the other pigs, and retrieve the eggs. Before the Birdday Party update, this cutscene is slightly different.


  • This is the first level appearance of King Pig.
  • This level has both explosive birds.

Video Walkthrough

See Poached Eggs 3-21/Video Walkthrough

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