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Poached Eggs 3-9 is the 51st level in Poached Eggs. The player is supplied with 3 Red Birds.

3-Star Strategy

Fire the first Red Bird so that it hits the top Wood block on the wood "pyramid" and that the bird itself lands on the stack of blocks with dice. If done correctly, then the third Small Pig from the top should be the only survivor. Use the second bird to topple over the wood pyramid, crushing the last pig. The final unused Red Bird awards the player 10,000 extra points.

Angry Birds Reloaded

Poached Eggs 3-9 reappears in Angry Birds Reloaded as the forty-first level of Hot Pursuit. The level itself remains unchanged.

Poached Eggs 3-9 in Angry Birds Reloaded

Video Walkthrough

See Poached Eggs 3-9/Video Walkthrough


  • The Dice first appear in this level.

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