Popcorn is a recurring food in the Angry Birds Series.

In Angry Birds Space

In Angry Birds Space, popcorn and kernels debut in level 4-3. Popcorn mainly starts as a kernel, and

Utopia 4-3 is the first appearance of popcorn and kernels.

then when a bird hits it it will turn into three pieces of popcorn, similar to the ice meteorites on the planet Cold Cuts. Popcorn is only seen on the planet Utopia.

In level 4-30, there's a popcorn maker (In the format of a kebab) which produces popcorn to Fat Pig. Hitting it will make explosive popcorn, which is harmful to the pig.

In Angry Birds Seasons

In Angry Birds Seasons, popcorn is debuted as a small, easy to destroy object. It appears in some levels, but the main level that it appears is in the Popcorn Day Level from Pig Days. There is also a sack with popcorn object, but it's also easy to destroy. However, the sack and popcorn are not separated.

In Angry Birds Friends

In Angry Birds Friends, they are small objects that are easy to destroy. They don't give a bunch of points. They debuted in the Movie Hype Tournament and appeared more commonly in the tournaments ever since.

There's also a popcorn sack and it's also easy to destroy.

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