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Porcula is the fifth episode of the third season of Angry Birds Toons and the third Halloween special for the series. It was aired on October 23rd, 2015 on Toons.TV app.

Toons.TV Description

On one night every year, the dreaded Porcula comes out to feast, but he should really pay more attention to what he eats.


The story begins with Pig City under a night Halloween condition. The Minion pigs get scared and hides wherever possible as Porcula is ready to look for his victims. Porcula then turns into a bat and finds one suitable pig to feed on, Corporal Pig. Corporal Pig realises that he was being followed and sure enough, runs from Porcula but fails. Porcula feeds on Corporal Pig's blood and soon, he was searching for his next victim. Corporal Pig ends up turning white and faints.

In another shot, Porcula can be seen laughing when suddenly, Bubbles appear looking for candy. Porcula decides that Bubbles would be an ideal candidate for his meal but Bubbles' reaction was not what he was expecting (which was scared). Bubbles asked Porcula if he had any candy to which the latter said no after searching for any candy in his procession. Bubbles got annoyed and left Porcula. Outraged, Porcula tuned into his bat form in the attempt to suck Bubbles' blood, who was seen getting candy. Just as he was about to strike, Bubbles moved to where the dropped candy was in amazement, resulting in Porcula crashing into the door and falling into Bubbles' bag of candy. Just as he was about to put the new candy into his bag, Bubbles saw Porcula's bat form and was disgusted by it. Just as Porcula was about to rise, Bubbles knocked him with his candy, forcing Porcula to retreat.

In another scene, Bubbles was seen entering another estate. In the background, Porcula was determined to not fail this time. He turned into a gas. Just as Bubbles was about to knock on the door, he turned around and saw Porcula but then he smelt something bad. Porcula, confused once again, smelt himself but then realised where the smell was coming from: cloves of garlics. He immediately wanted to escape from the area but fell into a nearby well. Bubbles immediately went back to what he intended to do: collect candy. The resident, a minion pig scared, answered the door to give Bubbles candy but was so frightened by what he saw from the well that he quickly retreated to his house. Porcula came out again and he would be third time lucky to feed on Bubbles. However, just as he was about to feed on Bubbles, Bubbles became inflated and then let the air go into Porcula. Porcula then let go of the air, causing him to fly around like a deflating balloon back to his castle and into his coffin bed. However, the damage he caused to his castle caused a sharp stake to fall right through his coffin and into his heart. He could be heard saying "Ouch!". As soon as the minion pigs realised that Porcula was defeated, they all came out of their hiding place and cheered for Bubbles. Suddenly, the clouds gave way to the full moon. The minion pigs were mesmerised by the full moon and turned into werepigs. Just before the credits roll, Bubbles could be seen with the face of extra work.



Name Origin


  • In the first shot of the scene where Bubbles could be seen going towards the house, there was no cloves of garlic but in the next shot of the same area where Porcula was horrified to discover garlic, they suddenly appeared. In the following shot where Porcula was running away, the cloves of garlic no longer existed.
  • Red, Chuck, and Matilda are listed in the credits, but they weren't in the episode itself.
    • The worst is that Bubbles isn't in the list!


Coming soon.

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