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This article is about the episode. For other uses, see Potions (Disambiguation)

Potions are objects located at the Short Fuse. If broken near a pig(s), a chemical reaction will happen.

Potion Types

There are 3 types of potions.

  • Orange Potion : Makes the pig inflate and pop away like Bubbles.
  • Blue Potion : Makes pigs divide by 3 into smaller sizes similar to The Blues.
  • Pink Potion : Turns the pig into a bubble that can grab blocks and then pops like Stella's bubbles.


  • At the Golden Egg Level 31 found at Short Fuse, 5 blue potions could be found hanging at the right side of the level. When they have contact with the 3 pigs above them, they can multiply up to 243 pigs, giving up to 1,215,000 points. That made it the highest possible score in Angry Birds.
    • If the nearby orange potion has contact with all those pigs, the game would lag and have hundreds of large pigs would be surronding the whole level.
    • The level has been edited, and two potions were removed, now giving 405,000 points from 81 pigs.


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