Power-Ups are a feature of the game introduced in Angry Birds Friends, since then incorporated into most of the Angry Birds games. 

They are a set of items that the player can use to augment the Birds and make clearing levels and earning three stars easier.

The power-ups act the same in all versions of the game. Players receive a small number of each one the first time they start the game with this feature in place. They can also be purchased through the appropriate marketplaces or they may receive periodic random power-ups through a slot machine for free. Players can also set the computer date to another day as many times as they want, and since the reward is daily, it will give you a power-up.

Power-Ups then started to arrive in more games like the Facebook version of Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Seasons And Angry Birds Star Wars in that order.

In Angry Birds Friends, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Seasons

ABF sling scope Toons.png

Sling Scope

Using the Sling Scope produces a visible arc trail with which the player can aim the slingshot more accurately. Note that the Scope will only project a bird's initial arcing path, not any alterations that may result from using a bird's powers. Once activated, the Sling Scope remains in place for the rest of the level. Sling Scope is also used in Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Star Wars II, but as a standard feature to compensate for the difficulty of plotting flight trajectories in those games. Sling Scopes appear less often in the Daily Reward.

ABF super seeds.png

Power Potion "Super Seeds"

Power Potion (originally called Super Seeds) causes the current bird in the slingshot to grow larger and much more powerful: capable of defeating more and stronger walls before losing energy. Its biggest flaw is that it only causes the current bird in the slingshot to grow larger and not all the birds in the level. Power Potion pops up the least in the Daily Awards.

(Note: It does not matter which bird is in the slingshot when you press Power Potion It will grow larger, and emit bubbles representing the potion. As a corpse, it also emits the bubbles.)

In Angry Birds Friends, Angry Birds, and Angry Birds Go!

ABF birdquake Toons.png


The Birdquake is a power-up that causes the ground to shake. Weak supporting walls will collapse by this quake, and it may result in most of the structure collapsing as well. Birdquakes appear often in the Daily Reward. Birdquakes can be used anytime even if there are no birds remaining.

ABF king sling.png

King Sling

King Sling is a metal slingshot with stronger rubber bands that provide a lot more power for bird launches, allowing them to fly further and faster. Once activated, the King Sling remains in place for the rest of the level. King Sling is the most common power-up that pops up in the daily rewards.

Exclusive to Angry Birds Rio

Samba Burst

Turns the current bird on the Slingshot into a Samba Bird. He dances around the place, causing objects to scatter around. To use this bird, simply tap the power-up button and tap the icon of Samba Bird. No matter what bird is in the Slingshot, Samba Bird will always look like Red. When launching him from the Slingshot, he also makes the same sound as Red. After Samba Bird hits a block, he starts to shake multiple times in the place he hit the block, causing powerful damage. Also, when Samba Bird is in use, a Samba style music begins to play. Also, he is happy. (But his corpse sprite is grumpy.)

In Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio

TNT Drop /Energy TNT/Allaka-BAM

The power-up was also formerly included in Angry Birds Friends.

This power-up has similar capabilities, but sometimes, the power-up acts in different ways.

In Angry Birds Rio, TNT crates appear in random areas near the structure, fortified with metal to temporarily prevent the crates from exploding. If the structure is not stable, the TNT crates will fall with a parachute. Once the TNT crates lose their metallic fortifications, when a bird hits one of them, it causes more destruction to the structure.

In the Angry Birds Friends Winter Tournaments, TNT crates are wrapped like Christmas presents to prevent explosions temporarily and will fall from the sky slowly, courtesy of the parachutes. Once unwrapped, the same explosive effects will result like in Angry Birds Rio.

In Angry Birds Seasons, this will put magic around the structure that will act like the TNT Drop, only they detonate with magic.

This power-up is exclusive and was available for a limited time in the Angry Birds Friends Winter Tournaments, but it is permanent in Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons. In addition, having similar & different effects, the power-up has different names. In Angry Birds Rio, the power-up is called, "TNT Drop". But in the Angry Birds Friends Winter Tournaments, the power-up is called, "Energy TNT", and in Angry Birds Seasons, it is called "Allaka-BAM".

Exclusive to Angry Birds Seasons


Homing Bird

This power-up replaces your current bird with a Homing Bird, who wears an antenna on his head, which happens to be a radar homing system. When launched, the Homing Bird will change its trajectory upon detecting the first pig on its radar. No matter what bird is in the Slingshot, Homing Bird will always look like Red.

Exclusive to Angry Birds Space


Flock of Birds

This multiplies your current bird by 5, with one staying the same and 4 smaller copies. A flock of Birds appears the most often in the Daily Reward. The Flock of Birds can also be used with the Space Egg, making this a capability to use a fusion of 2 different power-ups.

SpaceEgg Power-Up.png

Space Egg

Use its vortex to pull many objects. Was formerly a character used in Space Egg Bonus Levels (unlimited use), but is now used in normal levels as well as a Power-Ups (limited use). Space Eggs can also be used with the Flock of Birds, making this a capability to use a fusion of 2 different power-ups.


Pig Puffer

This inflates the pigs, causing some of the structure to become unstable. The inflated pigs rise when underwater in Pig Dipper. Comically, if used on Corporal Pig, the helmet comes straight off. This power-up is similar to the Pig Inflater spell from Angry Birds 2.

Space Wingman

Appears in Angry Birds Space in the Mirror Worlds update. The Space Wingman is the Incredible Monster Bird in the Wingman costume. Whatever Space Wingman is almost the same as the Normal Wingman, his power is different from the normal version, as he pulls objects to him just like Darth Vader. If the player wants to use this power-up to win, the player must read carefully the instructions or he/she can have mistakes between the original Wingman and this new space one about the power. This can be used even if there are no birds remaining. This can also be used as a "+1 Bird", and help make it easier to reach the 3-star score.

Exclusive to Angry Birds Star Wars

Mighty Falcon


You will be given an egg with a tracking beacon installed. Launch and activate the egg beacon and the Mighty Falcon will swoop down and fire consecutive lasers at the targeted position. Use these to earn a Total Destruction medal. Unlike the Mighty Eagle, it will not kill pigs automatically.

It can be used several times in a level, unlike the Mighty Eagle. It will also replace the bird on the slingshot.

Thermal Detonator

The thermal detonator will be given to the current bird on the slingshot. Once the bird hits an obstacle, the detonator will stick and will release a heatwave destroying anything in its blast radius.

Lightsaber Sling

This is the slingshot that you normally see in merchandise. When used, the slingshot will transform into this special Lightsaber upgrade, giving all of your birds increased speed and mass, in a similar fashion to King Sling. In Angry Birds Star Wars II, the Lightsaber Sling is seen again, but it has no effect on the birds and pigs.

Blaster Droid

When this is used, your current bird shall receive a blaster droid that blasts lasers when your bird is launched. It functions like Chuck "Ham" Solo's laser blaster ability, except it shoots consecutive times until it is destroyed. In the original app, the Blaster Droid fires lasers much faster.

Clone Bird

This generates a clone of the current bird in the Slingshot or the bird that was used last. This is useful when you're about to fail a level and run out of birds. It is similar to the Wingman and other characters from Angry Birds Friends's Tournaments.

Exclusive to Angry Birds Friends



This power enables to bloom magenta-colored mushrooms in multiple areas of the Bad Piggies' fortresses, causing the fortress to become less stable and, sometimes, popping the Piggies in the process. Currently, this is available in Angry Birds Friends to be used only in the episode, "Pig Tales", and randomly in the Star Cup



Wingman is a bird that is used in the Tournaments. No matter what bird is in the Slingshot, The bird that will appear is Terence. However, Terence is dressed up as a Super Hero.

In the Wingman Tournament, you can use Wingman in all levels in Angry Birds Friends.

TNT Presents

Available in the Winter Tournament of 2012, three Presents will drop on parachutes and will be unwrapped when not on movement, they will explode afterwards.

ABFriends TNT Drop.png

TNT Drop

The TNT Drop returns as a Power-Up available sometimes in the Star Cup, acts the same way as other explosive power-ups; it will make three iron TNT crates fall from the sky on parachutes that will destroy the iron after a moment after movement and will explode on impact.

ABFriends Boombox.png


Boombox is a TNT box with an orange sticker. When it's activated, a box will drop in the slingshot and will be used like a bird, it can be thrown directly or the player can later tap it to activate a parachute which will drop on a place of choice.

On impact, it will explode, though the explosion is weaker than a TNT or Bomb's, but activating the Power Potion can make it stronger.

Exclusive to Bad Piggies

Super Glue

Super Glue

This power-up allows making your vehicle indestructible so it can never break even from a high distance. It is an uncommon power-up King Pig burps in Dessert Mode. It appears in the Piggy Tales episode Super Glue.

Turbo Charge

Turbo Charge

This allows you to double your engine power but this is only useful for the engine used contraptions to pass the time limit. It is the most common power-up King Pig burps in Dessert Mode. This power-up can be used in any sandbox level.



These allow you to collect all cakes and stars in the level making it very useful especially in Sandbox levels. It is an uncommon power-up King Pig burps in Dessert Mode. This power-up can be used in any sandbox level.

Super Mechanic Pig

Super Mechanic Pig

This power-up automatically builds you 3-star vehicles whereas a Mechanic Pig power-up will only give you a simple one that doesn't always give you 3 stars, unlike this power-up. This power-up cannot be used in any sandbox level. It is the rarest power-up King Pig burps in Dessert Mode.

Night-Vision Goggles

This allows the player to see in the dark in a few The Road to El Porkado levels. It is a common power-up King Pig burps in Dessert Mode. This power-up cannot be used in any sandbox level except for the Find the Statues sandbox. It is the newest power-up, whereas the four above are the original four, due to this being released along with the episode The Road to El Porkado.

Exclusive to Angry Birds Go!

Kart Repair

This power-up can make your kart work easily and it repairs even if it has damage after the destruction of it. If your kart has damaged, after a second, it repairs by showing off the tools needed for rebuilding. This power-up was sponsored by State Farm®.


This power-up also can make your kart more speed and faster riding. In the back part of your kart, it shows the fishes flowing outside that increases speed. Before you launch the kart, above of it appears as Golden Fish of this power-up. This power-up was sponsored by Finn & Friends™.

Target® Kart

This power-up can make your kart have all-star stats and make your kart a Target® Kart (by appearance). At the start of the whole game, you are given 10 instead of 20.


Taking away integrity

Power-ups have caused controversy among fans of Angry Birds, feeling that they take away from the integrity of high scores. Rovio is aware of the issue but has only managed to add distinct power-up scores to Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Star Wars thus far. According to Peter Vesterbacka, this is because Apple imposes a restriction on the number of leaderboards.[1]

Scrapped egg-bomb power-up

There was supposed to be another power-up that would make Egg Bombs fall from the sky with parachutes, but Rovio cut this idea, most likely due to the power-up resembling Matilda's special ability. It can be said this was an early prototype of the power-ups "TNT Drop, Energy TNT, and Allaka-BAM".

Unused Power-Up

Double Score

It can only be played in Angry birds China

Angry Birds China Double Score.png


  • The power-up ''Allaka-BAM'' is a pun on Allaka-ZAM.
  • Homing Bird is a pun on the word hummingbird, a type of bird in real life.
  • Birdquake is a pun on the word "earthquake", a natural calamity in real life.


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