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"Power-Up" redirects here. For the episode in Angry Birds Slingshot Stories, see Power-Up (episode). For the move in Angry Birds Epic, see Power Up.

The Power-Up is a subject that appears in the Angry Birds series.  It is an item that the player can use to get a temporal advantage in the levels.

Game appearances

Angry Birds Friends

In Angry Birds Friends, the Power-Ups (spelled as power-ups) make their first appearance as optional booster items the player can use to get an advantage in the levels. However, power-ups are limited and cannot be used if the player runs out of them. To compense this, the player can use Bird Coins to buy them at the shop. In addition, Power-Ups can be obtained by watching ads, getting rewards, and spinning the roulette.

The power-ups that appear in the game are the following:

Icon Power-up Costs (in Bird Coins)
Old icon New icon x2 x21 x55 x230
1D4DD318-6BD8-4B7D-B23B-7C8A397C0A8F.png E5205CEC-D2B1-43A1-8173-11D38C25FEDB.png Wingman 60 600 1500 6000
Super Seeds icon.png PowerPotion.png Power Potion (formerly known as Super Seeds) 40 400 1000 4000
ABFriends Boombox.png Boombox 50 500 1250 5000
ABF birdquake.png ABF birdquake Toons.png Birdquake 30 300 750 3000
446C5552-6F72-4C2B-8B11-2BC537CE7E72.png ABF king sling.png King Sling 30 300 750 3000
Sling Scope Old Power Up.png ABF sling scope Toons.png Sling Scope 20 200 500 2000

The player can also obtain all these power-ups in a bundle. Its costs in the shop are as follows:

Icon Power-up Costs (in Bird Coins)
Old icon New icon x5 x22 x56 x232
ABF bundle.png ABFriends Bundle Toons.png Power-up Pack 575 2300 5750 23000

In Star Cup, an extra power-up, known as the TNT Drop, also appears. It cannot be obtained normally, though it can be used for free once if the game allows the player to do so.

Several tournaments have unique power-ups that can be used in them. The 2012 Winter Tournament, for example, had the Santa Bomb power-up. Similarly, the Halloween Mania Tournament made use of the Pumpkin Drop. Also, during the Bird Switcher tournament, if the player gets two stars in a Tournament level, they will be able to use the Bird Switcher.

Angry Birds (game)

In the original Angry Birds, power-ups are optional items the player can obtain in the shop or by opening eggs in The Mighty League. They can also use them in certain levels in Tutorial, which introduce them to the power-ups. The player can get the Sling Scope power-up by watching an ad, and when they use it, the power-up will be used by default when they start a level for the next five minutes.

The power-ups that appear in the game are as follows:

Icon Power-up Costs (in Coins) Description
x2 x11 x35
Shockwave Power-Up.png Shockwave 200 1000 2500 Use an extra bird with shockwave to demolish the level!
PowerPotion.png Power Potion 60 250 750 Juice up your bird for more damage!
King Sling Power-Up.png King Sling 40 200 600 Gain maximum power and velocity!
Sling Scope Power-Up.png Sling Scope 60 300 900 Laser Targeting for pinpoint precision!
Birdquake Power-Up.png Birdquake 40 200 500 Bring pigs' defenses crashing down!

The Chinese version of Angry Birds also makes use of the Double Score, which can only be obtained through bundles or deals.

The 2022 re-release of Angry Birds will not include power-ups due to the re-release being a premium experience, meaning all advertisements and in-app purchases will be removed.

Bad Piggies

In Bad Piggies, Power-Ups can be used to make the player's vehicle much more effective. They can be obtained by opening Loot Crates, by feeding King Pig in the Dessert Mode, or by buying them at the shop.

The Power-Ups that appear in the game are the follows:

Icon Power-Up Cost (in Snout Coins) Description
x2 x5 x20
TurboCharge.png Turbo Charge 200 450 1500 Double your engine power!
BadPiggies Magnet.png Super Magnet Attract star boxes and desserts!
SuperGlue.png Super Glue Make your ride almost indestructible!
SuperMechanicPig.png Super Mechanic Automatically build a ride for one level to get 3 stars!
Night-Vision Goggles Power-Up.png Night Vision Reveal the secrets in the dark!

Angry Birds Space

In Angry Birds Space, Power-Ups (spelled as Power-ups or Power-UPS) are optional items the player can use to beat the levels with more ease. They can be obtained by completing episodes or by buying them with real money.

The costs of the Power-ups at the shop are as follows:

Icon Power-up Costs (in real money) Description
x30 x80 x170 x600
FlockofBirds.png Flock of Birds $2.34 $5.87 $11.76 $35.31 Release the flock!
SpaceEgg Power-Up.png Space Egg Unleash a black hole!
PigPuffer.png Pig Puffer
Icon Powerup Costs (in real money) Description
x20 x80 x110 x225
SpaceEagle.png Space Eagle $2.34 $5.87 $11.76 $23.53 N/A
Space Wingman Power-Up.png Wingman N/A

Angry Birds Seasons

In Angry Birds Seasons, Power-Ups (spelled as powerups) have the same functions as those in Angry Birds Friends. Unlike in past games, powerups can only be used once per level. In Power-Up Test Site, the player will be able to use powerups for free. Powerups can be obtained by buying them at the shop or by popping pigs with gifts.

The costs of the powerups at the shop are as follows:

Icon Power-up Costs (in Bird Coins) Description
x2 x10 x40
PowerPotion.png Power Potion 70 300 1000 Juice up your bird for more damage!
Sling Scope Power-Up.png Sling Scope Laser Targeting for pinpoint precision!
HomingBird.png Homing Bird Heads for the first pig to enter his radar!
Allaka-BAM Power-Up.png Allaka-BAM Conjures three crates of explosive magic!
Angry Birds China Double Score.png Score Doubler (Exclusive to the Chinese Version) x5= ¥1.00 x45= ¥10.00 x100= ¥20.00 x180= ¥30.00

In addition of these two powerups, there are also two "Powerbirds", which are birds with special abilities, which will be upgraded by each use. The Powerbirds that appear are the following:

Icon Powerbird Costs (in Bird Coins) Description
x2 x10 x40
Shockwave Power-Up (Seasons).png Shockwave 180 750 2400 Need an extra bird? Use a black bird with shockwave to demolish the level!
TeleBird Power-Up.png Telebird Need an extra bird? Teleport to your target by vortexing nearby objects!

The player can also get a bundle with all these powerups. Its cost in the shop is the following:

Name Cost (in Bird Coins) Description
All in one! 200 Find your favourite! Grab the bundle of each powerup and Powerbird!

Angry Birds Rio

In Angry Birds Rio, power-ups have the same functions as those in earlier games. They can be used in any level, and can be obtained by watching ads (now impossible) or by buying them at the shop. In addition, the player can use unlimited power-ups in Playground. The power-ups that appear in the game are the following:

Icon Power-up Costs (in Coins) Description
x5 x10 x30 x150
Rio PowerPotion.png Power Potion 200 350 900 4000 Supersize your bird! Power Potion turns any bird into a monkey-mangling giant!
Rio Sling Scope.png Sling Scope Looking for the perfect shot? Use the Sling Scope for maximum precision!
TNT Drop.png TNT Drop Need more firepower? TNT Drop creates three crates of explosive goodness!
Samba Burst.png Samba Burst Unleash the power of samba! Even buildings will sway away to its rhythm!

In addition, when the player completes level 2 of Timber Tumble, they will unlock Call the Flock. Its costs in the shop are as follows:

Icon Power-up Costs (in Coins) Description
x10 x20 x50 x120
Call the Flock.png Call the Flock 1000 1800 4300 10000 Call the Flock for a blizzard of Macaw mayhem!

Angry Birds Go!

Main article: Angry Birds Go!/Gameplay (Version 1)#Power-Ups

Angry Birds Star Wars series

Angry Birds Star Wars

In Angry Birds Star Wars, Power-Ups are optional items which can be obtained by buying them with real money (now impossible) or as daily rewards. They were first introduced in the Facebook version of the game, and were later incorporated into the main game.

The Power-Ups that appear in the game are the follows:

Icon Power-Up
Clone Bird.png Clone Bird
Thermal Detonator.png Thermal Detonator
Lightsaber Sling.png Lightsaber Sling
Blaster Droid.png Blaster Droid

Angry Birds Star Wars II

Main article: Angry Birds Star Wars II#Playable characters

In Angry Birds Star Wars II, Power-Ups don’t appear but the playable characters can be bought instead by using credits.

Angry Birds POP!

Main article: Angry Birds POP!/Boosters

Angry Birds 2

Main article: Angry_Birds_2#Spells
For sponsored spells, see Angry Birds 2/Sponsored Spells.

Angry Birds Blast

Angry Birds Dream Blast

In Angry Birds Dream Blast, there are 3 known powerups (called "boosters" in the game) that are usable in the game. Those are as follows:

Icon Power-Up Cost (in coins and real money) Description
ShootingStar DreamBlast.png Shooting Star "Tap anywhere to summon the shooting star"

(Destroys a general area of dream bubbles and materials like glass and stone)

Slingshot DreamBlast.png Slingshot "Tap on an object to remove it!"

(Destroys a single dream bubble or block, has 2 animations, one with it slinging a stone

and the other breaking the object with the bottom of the slingshot)

Shuffle DreamBlast.png Shuffle "Tap anywhere to shuffle the dream bubbles!"

(Shuffles the bubbles closer to wherever you tap so larger and more effective birds are easier to obtain)

Angry Birds Reloaded

In Angry Birds Reloaded, the same powerups from Angry Birds Friends appear, including Wingman, but with slight differences in icon designs.

Icon Power-up Costs (in Coins) Description
x1 x3 x5 x10
ABR PowerPotion.png Power Potion 40 120 200 400 (N/A) Juice up your bird for more damage!
ABR KingSling.png King Sling 40 120 200 400 (N/A) Gain maximum power and velocity!
ABR SlingScope.png Sling Scope 20 60 100 200 (N/A) Laser Targeting for pinpoint precision!
ABR Birdquake.png Birdquake 20 60 100 200 (N/A) Bring pigs' defenses crashing down!
ABR BoomBox.png Boombox 80 240 400 800 (N/A) Slingshot a crate of TNT at the Pig's structure!
ABR Wingman.png Wingman 80 240 400 800 (N/A) A more powerful Terence comes along to break down the Pig's structure!

Angry Birds Journey

Power-Ups return in Angry Birds Journey.

The list of the power-ups are here.

Icon Power-Up
Chilling Wind.jpg Chilling Wind
Duckling Rain.jpg Duckling Rain
Duckling Sprouts.jpg Flower Sprouts
ve Power-Ups/Spells/Boosters
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Shooting StarSlingshotShuffle
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