Predicament in Paint is the eighth episode of Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work.

Predicament in Paint

Episode No. 8
Air Date June 5, 2015
Directed by Philippe Rolland
Written by Philippe Rolland
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Race Nut Get The Hammer

Toons.TV Description

What not to do when painting a floor.

YouTube Description

Building is easy! Painting? A predicament! Mom get the car! We're going out of business?


A Minion Pig wearing a hat, holding a paint brush along with a bucket next to him wants to paint the floor green. So he paints and paints and when he's almost done, he realized that he's now in a corner and the whole floor in front of him has been painted, that's mean he has to go away from the unpainted zone to finish painting the room but he also can't walk on the painted zone. So the pig thinks for a while and he has an idea! He walks on the painted zone and paint a line with the white color so he can stand in the line and paint the unpainted zone. After he walks to the other side, he realized that now the green floor has a white line so now he has to paint that line green again. So he paint the line green but then when he looks back, the green floor now has white footprints. The pig then thinks how to paint this floor green. So he pushes the bucket and paints the footprints green but it results a white line in the green floor again. So he tries, tries and tries, made he paints everywhere on the wall and the floor. But he can't paint the floor green. Then, when the other pig comes, the painting pig has to say to the other pig that he can't paint the floor. But the other pig surprised with all of the paintings on the wall and on the floor. While the other pig can't believe that this pig can paint all of these beautiful paintings, the painting pig then shows his talent as he was very lucky. The painting pig didn't want to be covered with paint in this episode.


  • The setting for Season 2 of Piggy Tales is shown lo be extremely large in this episode.


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Yes! Mission accomplished. But...

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