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In the Angry Birds Series, there are some prehistoric animals that appear on some occasions but are common

A Tyrannosaurus Rex that appears on level 36-10 of Jurassic pork.

sometimes. The animals are shown below.


Mammoths appear in two Angry Birds games, Angry Birds Classic, and Angry Birds Seasons. They are mostly based on the famous species called Woolly Mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius). Their appearances in the games are seen below:

Angry Birds Classic

Mammoths appear in Angry Birds Classic as merely pig costumes on Jurassic Pork. These mammoth pigs rarely appear in the levels.

Angry Birds Seasons

Mammoths appear in Level 20 of Ski Or Squeal. Only one appears and is frozen in huge ice blocks. Another Mammoth appears in the second Golden Egg found in level 23. They appear being pulled by prehistoric pigs along with a crow.

Dinosaurs And Other Prehistoric Lizards

Dinosaurs and other prehistoric lizards appear on various occasions in the Angry Birds Series. Their appearances are shown below:

Angry Birds Classic

Various types of dinosaurs and dinosaur fossils appear on the Jurassic Pork episode, from Sauropods to Tyrannosaurs. They also appear in cutscenes and background. Pterosaurs appear flying in the background. Sauropods and Tyrannosaurus Rexes appear in the first and last cutscene. The Pterosaurs also chirp and some dinosaurs roar in the ambiance of the levels.

Angry Birds Seasons

A green wooden Tyrannosaurus Rex with Red 's face on it appears in level 1-14 spoofing Jurassic Park's Tyrannosaurus Rex. As an extra, an Steven Spielburg pig appears directing the movie.

Angry Birds Friends!

They appear made of various materials in the weekly tournaments, there are tyrannosaurs and more, some look realistic, others not, for exemple, one that looks like a Ceratosaurus.

Angry Birds Blast!

Pterodactyls and a Mosasaur appear in the background of the Jurassic Park Mighty League event.

Angry Birds Match

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A Tyrannosaurus Rex appears in the background of the Prehistoric Event Levels. In a trailer, he roars and stomps on a mobile phone that is playing the game. Turtle Pigs serve a similar role, as turtles are also prehistoric and they mainly appeared in this event.

The Angry Birds Movie

Dinosaurs are only mentioned when Red says to the birds that they shouldn't be nice and evolved from dinosaurs and Petunia does the Tyrannosaurus rex roar from Jurassic park.

Angry Birds Blues

In Triple Time-Out, an image of a Tyrannosaurus Rex hatching is seen in Greg Blue's newspaper.

Angry Birds Stella

A Fossil of A dinosaur appears in the episode Friends Whenever where Handsome Pig digs underground.


Angry Birds Transformers

Grimlock Bird and Trypticon Bird are based off Tyrannosaurus Rexes. Also, Volcanicus bird is made up of 5 transformers that all turn into dinosaurs