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Premonition is the eleventh episode of the second season of Angry Birds Stella and the twenty-fourth overall. It premiered on February 12, 2016.

Toons.TV Description[]

Willow witnesses a truly terrible happening on Golden Island. Can this really be happening?! We all want our dreams to come true - just not the bad ones.


Willow decides to visit her favorite tree in the forest, singing all the way there. She arrives at the tree and calls her butterfly critters. A silhouette appears in the darkness with something sparkling then runs away. Willow admires the flowers then she heard an odd sound. She turns her back for a few seconds then when she returned to view the flower, it was turned stone. She looks around what might have caused it and feared she would also turn to stone. The mysterious silhouette moves in the darkness with a golden egg. Willow was about to leave then a stone fruit fell from the tree then Willow observes the tree starts to change to stone very fast then infected the rest of the forest then turned a critter into stone. Willow screams in terror and runs away from the tree then the mysterious silhouette follows her then Willow turns to stone. She blacks out then she wakes up and found out that it was only a dream. She saw her painting of the tree then she took her hat and ran all the way to the tree to see if it turned to stone. She out the critters living in the tree with no response then she observes the flower if it also turned into stone. She calms down and hears a voice of a critter and is happy to see they are still alive. She sees a stone flower on the ground then she looks around if the silhouette is there. She spots a pig trying to make stone sculptures then it was revealed to be Artist Pig attempting to craft something out of the rock. Willow bursts with joy to see him again so she decides to go to Artist Pig to say "hi". Artist pig attempts again to make an artwork out of stone but then he sighs from failure. He sees Willow walking up to him and then they hug after not meeting in such a long time since The Portrait. He asks her to make something out of the rock then Willow crafts a rock shaped critter then she throws it away after remembering her dream. Artist Pig asks her if she's fine but Willow stays quiet and sighs but then her mood shifts and she asks Artist Pig to follow her to the tree. She calls out he critters but the critters then hiss at Artist Pig then he says that the critters dislike him. Willow asks him to try and call the critters to gain their trust on him. They start to sketch up an artwork of a critter. They start to play tag around the tree and then she gives him a fruit to feed the butterfly critters. Willow takes out another fruit from a small bush and turns her back right before she picks a fruit and saw Artist Pig enjoying with the butterfly critters. She takes a berry then a golden wave spreads throughout the forest and changes the sky to darkness. Willow returns to view Artist Pig only to find out that he was turned to stone along with the critters. Willow turns around and saw that the forest was starting to become stone then a fruit falls from the tree. She starts to push Artist Pig's stone body and she rolls it down the hill all the way to her home. Stella, Luca, Poppy and Dahlia turn their backs to see what's happening and then they see Artist Pig's statue form as Willow's creation but they didn't know that it was Artist Pig himself. Willow wakes up and saw them put Artist Pig on a pedestal to display him. The flock was proud of Willow for making a masterpiece but then she calls their attention to see what's happening on Golden Island. They see that half of Golden Island has tuned to stone was shocked to see it all turn to stone. A critter attempts to escape the tragedy but when Gale turned a flower into gold, the critter became stone and landed on the ground. A flock of critters flee from Golden Island then Gale uses the golden egg on the plates with pictures of The Flock and Handsome Pig causing the remaining butterfly critters to become stone, landing on the deck of their tree house. They were shocked to see the butterfly critters turned to stone then the credits roll in.

Characters (in order of appearance)[]


  • This is the first time in season 2 and the third time in overall Willow took off her hat. The first was in The Prankster, and second was in The Portrait.
  • This is the second episode of Stella Toons to not have a good ending or cliffhanger. The first was Camp Scary.
  • The word "premonition" means a strong feeling of something terrible about to happen, which is referenced by the fact that Willow fears of her dream at the beginning of the episode coming true.


  • This episode dates in 2015 with the credits instead of 2016.




Angry Birds Stella - Premonition - S2 Ep11

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