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Prince Porky is a pig boss that appears in the Angry Birds series. He is an alternate version of Ross[citation needed] in Angry Birds Epic, where he served as a major antagonist and then later an ally and a playable character.


As Prince Porky, Ross mostly looks the same except he now wears a prince's hat with ginger hair.

Alignment: Bad later good

Friends: Red, Chuck, Bomb, Blues, Matilda, Mighty Eagle, King Pig, Wizpig (formerly), Monty (formerly)

Enemies: Red, Chuck, Bomb, Blues, Matilda, Mighty Eagle (all formerly), Wizpig, Monty

Likes: Birds, Having fun, Stealing Eggs (formerly).

Dislikes: Birds (formerly) Wizpigs betrayal.


Formerly: Mean, Cruel, Neutral, Selfish, Arrogant, Aggressive, Strict, Outstanding, Moody

Later: Funny, Good-Hearted, Kind, Clumsy, Heroic, Handsome, Cute, Vengeful (to Wizpig when he when he betrayed him and the king pig)

Game appearances

Angry Birds Epic

Prince Porky Throne

Prince Porky on the throne, from Angry Birds Epic.

In Angry Birds Epic, Prince Porky is a pig boss, who has the ability to ignore high damage and make all pigs increase damage by 25% but also suffer 25% more damage. Since Prince Porky is immune to high damage and Prince Porky himself can make himself suffer 25% more damage, there is a high chance that Prince Porky will dodge an attack with his Tit for Tat ability. During the second wave of Wizpig's Castle he will join the Angry Birds for the rest of the battle. In the aftermath of the game, Prince Porky can be hired as a "friend".


As a player:

Angry Birds Epic Lovestruck Prince Porky

Lovestruck Prince Porky

ABEpicHP (Transparent) {{{HP}}}


Vicious Backstab

Deals 3 x {{{1}}} damage. (Each attack has a 15% chance to do critical damage)


Tit for Tat

Increases dealt and taken damage by 25%. Lasts 3 turns.



Passive: Can't take more than {{{3}}} damage per attack.

First Appearance

Only 2 Powers

Cobalt Plateaus - 3

3 Powers

Desert Pig Castle

As a Player

Wizpig's Castle (Wave 2)

Strategy for Defeating This Pig

Use only low damage birds, as low damage birds can defeat this pig but very slow. Don't use high damage birds. Don't even try to kill him by using the rage chili on Red, Bomb, or The Blues (Though there is a chance that you will hit other pigs).It is recommended to use rage chilli on Chuck being that he will be attacked 5 times.

His buff ability, Tit for Tat, can be mostly exploited to burst down the more threatening Pigs, most notably Wizpig, as it amplifies the damage they take. This is less reliable for Prince Porky himself, as the extra damage from the durability debuff often has a higher chance of being dodged by his passive. Another exploit to counter Tit for Tat is to dispell all the pigs with Tit for Tat, as the durability debuff & attack damage buff portions of this ability are treated as separate status effects. Successfully dispelling a Pig under Tit for Tat will take away the damage buff & only leave them with the durability debuff.

Even though Prince Porky is immune to high damage, he isn't immune to debuffs that come with said damage. You can exploit this by using any gear that allows the bird to dispell the target, which can remove Tit for Tat's damage buff while leaving the durability debuff intact.


Warning 1: Be careful, Prince Porky can dodge high damage.

Warning 2: Be extremely careful, Prince Porky can increase his damage by 25% using his Tit for Tat and since he can deal triple damage, he sometimes can kill a bird in a single hit.

Warning 3: This pig can deal triple damage.

Warning 4: Be extra careful, Prince Porky's Tit for Tat combined with the Royal Bombs he can summon can quickly take out multiple birds at the same time.

Angry Birds Seasons

In Angry Birds Seasons, Prince Porky appears on the episode card of the Fairy Hogmother episode, but does not appear in it proper.



  • He is the third pig to be an ally of the birds in Epic.
  • His Rage Chili ability "Holy Hand Grenade" is a reference to "Monty Python and the Holy Grail".

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