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The Prisoner Pig is a pig that first appeared in the Angry Birds Toons episode Hamshank Redemption. They also appear in games. The main difference between the prisoners and normal Minion Pigs are the bushy eyebrows.


This pig was imprisoned for breaking the rules of Pig City. Throughout the episode, he tries to run away. Distinguishing features include: small specks on the side, big bushy eyebrows across which are small scars, and a bulging lower jaw with one tooth sticking out of his mouth.

Media appearances[]

Angry Birds Toons[]

Hamshank Redemption[]

In this episode, one of the Prisoner Pigs is attempting to escape from prison in various different ways, such as using springs from his mattress to jump higher or by using a file. That same prisoner pig would then try to go down the sewers through his cell's toilet. Going through the sewers he accidentally goes into Goliath Pig's cell and quickly goes back into the pipes. Seeing what the prisoner pig did, the Goliath pig has the same idea and goes into the pipes of his toilet to escape the prison also. When the prisoner pig fails at digging himself out of the prison when he sees Terence, the pipes burst from the floor of his cell and the Goliath pig gets shot out of the ground from the water pressure and onto the prison roof. This causes his propeller hat to fall off and the prisoner pig decides to fly away with the hat and succeeds.


Angry Birds Toons[]

Hamshank Redemption[]

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