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Prisoner Pigs
Gender Male
Species Pigs
Size Large
Abilities None
Strength None
First appearance None, but appears in one of the pictures in Haunted Hogs.
Voiced by Antti Pääkkönen

Prisoner Pigs are two pigs that only appear in the Angry Birds Toons episode Hamshank Redemption. They never appear in any Angry Birds game, and probably never will. The main difference between the prisoners and normal Minion Pig are the bushy eyebrows.

Normal Prisoner Pig

This pig was imprisoned for breaking the rules of Pig City. Throughout the episode, he tries to run away. Distinguishing features: small specks on the side, big bushy eyebrows across which are small scars, and a bulging lower jaw with one tooth sticking out of his mouth.

Goliath Pig

A stronger prisoner pig. He is very mean and resembles the Fat Pig a little. He is a different color from the other pigs, just like Corporal Pig in Angry Birds Toons. He is strong but not very smart. He also has a tattoo on his chest.

Other Appearances

Angry Birds Seasons

In this game, he is not an enemy on the levels, but a character from a poster video for one of the locations of the Invasion of the Egg Snatchers episode. The left half of his body is covered with iron parts, and his left eye has a red laser. Thus, we can say that in this game, Kachok is a cyborg and is a reference to the Terminator.

Angry Birds Friends

In this game, the pig has appeared as the boss of the Happy Hog Heaven Tournament in almost every level. It had a more pear-shaped body, as well as dark green bushy eyebrows, but was otherwise not very different from its original version. At the levels, he also had different hats, like a chef's hat, a red armband or a cyclist's helmet, and he held cups as additional accessories.