''What? I refuse to use them for your evil plans! Look at those sensitive little creatures, they are harmless!''

Professor Pig, Angry Birds Comics Issue 9 (Feeding Frenzy! story)

Professor Pig is an unplayable large pig that appears in Angry Birds Toons. His first appearance is in Slappy-Go-Lucky. He also appears in Angry Birds Epic as a tritagonist, but he is unplayable.

Birdsonality Test Description

«The Professor Pig is an inventor. Inventive and imaginative, he has an infectious excitement about new things. This excitement lets him accomplish great projects if he really puts his heart in them. The details sometimes escape him, and he's not very accepting of piggies who don't share his vision. But he'll let other pigs sort out the details while he focuses on the big picture».

— Modified from the Birdsonality Test.



He is a happy smart scientist that makes peaceful inventions and teaches the pigs about the birds and other things as he is a professor.

Just like Matilda, Professor Pig hates war a lot, as his blood boils every time Foreman Pig steals his blueprint of peaceful inventions as a design to build an egg-napping contraption. 



He is a green large pig with a lighter color snout, two white eyebrows, three spots on his head and his forehead is large because of the brain. He wears an orange bowtie and glasses


He is like his normal appearance, but he lacks the bowtie, the spots are in the hear and his complexion is darker.


His head is like his normal appearances, but has hair, wears a red bowtie and is fat. He sometimes wear a white scientist suit.



  • He was first revealed to be in the show in the Angry Birds Toons episode guide on FOX 8, on of the TV stations that broadcast the show on Saturday outside the United States.
  • His first appearance is in the Birdsonality test on Facebook.
  • He seems to be rather intelligent, as he can build inventions and solve the solution to the birds' anger.
  • Professor Pig is the only unplayable Pig that didn't appear in regular Angry Birds games.
  • He, the new Corporal Pig and Chronicler Pig are the only two pigs to have eyes above their noses. However, Corporal Pig's eyes are only slightly above the nose and are hardly noticed.
  • Professor Pig, Pigiana Jones and Piggy McCool are the only pigs which are friends to the birds as seen in Angry birds Epic as well as Mechanic Pig in Angry Birds GO! because he also helps in upgrading the birds' karts.
  • In the Angry Birds Magazine #2, it reveals that Professor Pig wants the birds and pigs in peace, like Matilda.
  • In Angry Birds Transformers, he has grey hair. However, in Toons and Games, he has no hair.
  • In his game design and movie, he has an orange bow-tie. However, in the other games, as well as Angry Birds Toons, he has no bow-tie at all.
  • He's the only pig who can read, according to Angry Birds Comics Issue 12 (2016)

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