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"What? I refuse to use them for your evil plans! Look at those sensitive little creatures, they are harmless!"
Professor Pig, Angry Birds Comics Issue 9 (Feeding Frenzy! story)

Professor Pig is a pig that appears in the Angry Birds series. His first appearance is in Slappy-Go-Lucky. He also appears in Angry Birds Epic as a supporting character, but he is unplayable.


Main article: Professor Pig/Angryverse

Professor Pig is a green large pig with a lighter color snout, thick white eyebrows, three spots on his head and his forehead is large because of the brain. He wears an orange bowtie and glasses

In Angry Birds Toons, Professor Pig is like his normal appearance, but he lacks the bowtie, the spots are in the hear and his complexion is darker.

In the comics for The Angry Birds Movie and Fun Game Coding, Professor Pig's head is like his normal appearances, but has hair, wears a red bowtie and is fat. He sometimes wear a white scientist suit.


The Professor Pig is an inventor. Inventive and imaginative, he has an infectious excitement about new things. This excitement lets him accomplish great projects if he really puts his heart in them. The details sometimes escape him, and he's not very accepting of piggies who don't share his vision. But he'll let other pigs sort out the details while he focuses on the big picture. He teaches the pigs about the birds and other things as he is a professor.

Just like Matilda, Professor Pig hates war a lot, as his blood boils every time Foreman Pig steals his blueprint of peaceful inventions as a design to build an egg-napping contraption. 



Nothing is known about Professor Pig's past. Perhaps he worked all his life as a scientist. In any case, in old age, he remained a science-loving inventor.

Angry Birds Toons

Professor Pig was fond of invention. He once made a car for planting flowers (Slappy-Go-Lucky), but it got out of control, which is why the dock had to leave. At this time, the Foreman Pig, who was passing by, decided to steal the drawings. Subsequently, his invention exploded, throwing its creator into a volcano. Later, when the scientist created a prototype, a burnt Baron entered the laboratory and returned the scheme, which almost immediately crumbled into dust.

One day, the professor and the Chronicler Pig were quietly resting on the seashore (Party Ahoy), and they witnessed the sinking of the island with a volcano. At this time, the King Pig swam to them. The three of them began to drink tea and chat.

One day, the King Pig decided to grow a beard (Bearded Ambition). The Professor Pig created a special drug for growing hair. Another time, the King could not sleep, and the Professor and the Corporal Pigs decided to help. The Professor tried all the methods: he turned on soothing music, sang a lullaby, gave sleeping pills, but nothing helped. The King Pig woke up and yelled at the scientist, but the Corporal gave him a sledgehammer, which the scientist hit the King, causing him to finally fall asleep (Sleep Like a Hog).

In the Golditrotters episode, the Professor Pig appears as Golditrotters' grandmother, who accompanied her granddaughter for a walk in the woods. Later, Golditrotters saw Terence's grandmother at home.

Fun Game Coding

Angry Birds Comics

The professor also appeared in many comics of the Angry Birds Comics series, in one of which he acted as a school teacher.

Angry Birds: Flight School

Game appearances

Angry Birds Epic

In Angry Birds Epic, Professor Pig is a non-playable pig owning his own lab which is located on the map between the first level of the Golden Fields location and the Mosaic Bridge level and looks like a house in the shape of a pig's head. In the laboratory, the player can buy various improved versions of potions and other items for birds. However, to buy them, they need to have a sufficient number of coins, as well as a certain level of experience. In addition to the laboratory, the Professor Pig is also found in some cutscenes where he helps birds several times (for example, builds an airship for them).

Judging by the fact that the professor makes the birds the necessary items for them, it can be assumed that in the game, he switched to the side of the birds. However, it is possible that he is a neutral character and simply sells various goods to everyone who enters his laboratory.

Also in the Chronicle Cave, in the levels the player can see a drawing made in chalk, which depicts a scientist with two minions.

Angry Birds Transformers

In Angry Birds Transformers, Professor Pig is a non-playable pig who initially, he appeared only once, in a cutscene where he had his Toons design, but with a bow tie. He showed surprised Minion Pigs a cube of energon. To hit them even more, the professor touched the cube with a pointer, and the wand flashed. The minions were delighted... and immediately figured out how to use this effect in practice. The professor was very annoyed when his listeners hung their socks and panties over the cube to dry, and also began to cheerfully fry marshmallows.

Then his role in the game changes radically in one of the updates. His appearance began to match Doctor Arkeville (a character from the original series of the first generation of Transformers) - he got a lush hairstyle with a strange steel device on his head. The who owns his own crafting laboratory, where the player can play a slot machine, using various hard-earned materials earned in the levels; as a win can be both units of in-game currency (coins and gems), and new Energonicons, and so on.

Angry Birds Seasons

In Angry Birds Seasons, Professor Pig appeared in the episode On Finn Ice as an unplayable character. There, (3 tells the player interesting facts about Finland. Professor Pig appears on several posters in the Invasion of the Egg Snatchers episode.


  • He was first revealed to be in Angry Birds Toons in the episode guide on FOX 8, one of the TV stations that broadcast the show on Saturday outside the United States.
  • His first appearance is in the Angry Birds Birdsonality Test on Facebook.
  • He seems to be rather intelligent, as he can build inventions and solve the solution to the birds' anger.
  • Professor Pig is the only unplayable Pig that didn't appear in regular Angry Birds games.
  • He, the new Corporal Pig and Chronicler Pig are the only two pigs to have eyes above their noses. However, Corporal Pig's eyes are only slightly above the nose and are hardly noticed.
  • Professor Pig, Pigiana Jones and Piggy McCool are the only pigs which are friends to the birds as seen in Angry Birds Epic as well as Mechanic Pig in Angry Birds GO! because he also helps in upgrading the birds' karts.
  • In the Angry Birds Magazine #2, it reveals that Professor Pig wants the birds and pigs in peace, like Matilda.
  • In Angry Birds Transformers, he has grey hair. However, in Toons and Games, he has no hair.
  • In his game design and movie, he has an orange bowtie. However, in the other games, as well as Angry Birds Toons, he has no bowtie at all.
  • He's the only pig who can read, according to Angry Birds Comics Issue 12 (2016).


For the gallery, see Professor Pig/Gallery.

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