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Pumpkins are Items that appear in the Halloween Episodes of Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds ClassicAngry Birds Friends! and many other games. Pumpkins are usually found in piles and if destroyed, will award the player points.

Types of Pumpkins

Other than the normal pumpkin, there are other varieties of pumpkins appearing in Angry Birds Seasons.

Types of Pumpkins
Name Image Description
Jack o' Lantern Pumpkin.png These will award the player 3000 points if destroyed. When destroyed, the Jack o' Lantern will make an evil laugh and bats will fly away from where the Jack o' Lantern used to be. In Angry Birds Friends!, they give 5000 points and have a different design.
Accessory Pumpkin Pumpkin costume.pngPumpkin head.png These Accessories can be worn as hats or body costumes by the Pigs.
Explosive Pumpkin Pumpkin black.png Unlike the rest, these are black in color, have vines, and function like TNT Crates. They also make an evil laugh when destroyed.


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