Push Button
Push Button title card (Click to zoom)
Episode number 6
Air Date May 16, 2014
Written by Rémi Chapotot
Directed by Rémi Chapotot
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Push Button is the sixth episode of Piggy Tales.

Toons.TV Description

Put a big red button in front of a pig and he'll push it! This little piggy just can't resist pressing it- even though he doesn't know what it does!


A Minion Pig passes through a box with red button with a caution sign in it. The piggy gets curious, pressed it immediately, and made it shake the ground. Enjoying the tremor, he can't help but continue pushing it for fun numerous times. After he lost interest of it, the piggy continued his trip, but surprised seeing squashed piggies along the way. The piggy stopped at one of the squished piggies and laughed at him, but suddenly, a giant crusher came out to squish him. He panickedly dodged the crusher, but he gets flattened too in the end. The squished piggies laughed at him while another Minion Pig who pushed the same big red button (that is actually used to summon the crusher which, in turn, caused the shockwaves) gets confused.

In the Epilogue, (sounds only), The pig pushed the button once again and got crushed, like the other pigs.


  • This is the first episode that has an ending in the credit screen.
  • The piggies that were flattened are similar to the piggies who had jumped on a trampoline, in the episode Trampoline.
  • There's also a sequel for this episode, it is Push Button Trouble.
  • There is a pig's corpse on the Button's box.
  • The pig pushes the button exactly 8 times. There are exactly 14 flattened pigs, excluding the one we witness being crushed.
  • The pig presses the button by...
  1. Hitting it with his snout
  2. Hitting it with his snout
  3. Hitting it with his snout
  4. Hitting it with his back
  5. Ramming it with his forehead
  6. Using a boxing glove
  7. Using a pseudo-slingshot with a band around the box and him as the ammo
  8. Hitting it with his forehead
  9. The last pig holds the button in with his snout.

Consider "north" as more distant and "east" to the right for these next facts.

  • The pig initially walks off to the west (left of the button) into the field of squashed pigs, but for the camera angle showing the second "presser pig", the field is to the north of the box.
  • The pig evades the crusher by fleeing...
  1. East
  2. Northwest
  3. Distant North
  4. Distant South, right up to the camera
  5. East
  6. He then gets crushed in the center.


Piggy Tales "Push-button"

Piggy Tales "Push-button"

If I push this button, what will happen?

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