Push Button Trouble
Push Button Trouble
Episode number 11
Air Date June 20, 2014
Written by Rémi Chapotot
Directed by Rémi Chapotot
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Epic Sir Bucket Sha-Zam!

Push Button Trouble is the eleventh episode of Piggy Tales and the sequel to Push Button.

Toons.TV Description

Another day, another button! Why can't those pesky piggies just do as they're told? Being curious must be in their DNA! 


A Minion Pig passes another box with a red button on top of it. Looking curious, he tries to push the button, but he can't reach it. He runs towards the box and jumps on it, making it easier for him to push the button. After he pushes the button, the ground slightly tilts, and the box flips, making him fall. He's still curious about the button and pushes it again, making the ground tilt in a different direction, but more askew, and he rolls to the side of the ground. The piggy climbs the ground with suction-cup wheels and pushes the button once again, making the floor tilt in another different direction. Trying to push the button yet again, he climbs the ground with a grappling hook and hooks it on the box. But when he almost reaches the button, the box flips with the red button touching the ground, then the ground keeps changing its direction almost every second, and he panics. After it stops, the piggy calms down and laughs, but the box, which is above him, falls and squishes him, with the red button on the ground, making the ground spin around again, although at a much faster speed.



  • This episode is the sequel of Push Button.
  • The suction-cup wheels and the grappling hook are from Bad Piggies.


Piggy Tales "Push-button Trouble"

Piggy Tales "Push-button Trouble"

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