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Quests are a feature in Angry Birds Seasons that award the player rewards, mostly the Bird Wears, but Coins and

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Power-Ups are also awarded. Below is a list of them:


Quests are missions that require the player make a determined action, such as searching for an item for a Bird Wear or completing a level with a highscore or three stars. There are all of them:

  • Bird Wear: This quest requires the player to find three determined object in a level they are found, even though the player hasn't unlocked them yet. The player needs to wait 16 hours to find another item. An adversiment can be watched to help the player find the level.
  • Bargain: A Mafia Pig asks the player to complete a level, he will award 50 coins if the player does so.
  • Challenge: Pigiana Jones asks the player to get a better highscore at a level, he will award 50 coins if the player does so.
  • Hard Mission: Hambo will ask the player to comple three stars at a level, he will award the player 3 Telebird's if the player does so.

Egg Missions[]

These missions give the player King Eggs that grant various good rewards and unique Bird Wear. All of them have Three Stars as levels and once one of them are done, it will need more requirements and after completing all stars, the mission is completed.



Get A Trophy From The Tournament

The player has simply to get a trophy from the tournament, it awards the player 15 King Eggs each.

Well Rewarded[]

Get Platinum Trophy

The player needs to get a Platinum King Pig level once on each of them. It awards the player 30 King Eggs each.

Egg Hunt[]

Get An Upgraded Egg From Daily Levels

The player simply needs to get an Upgraded Egg in the daily levels by obtaining stars, gives the player 10 King Eggs each.

Egg Connoisseur[]

Get At Least A Wooden Level From The Daily Levels The player has to get an egg that is not a Glass Egg from the Daily Levels, it awards the player 5 Kings Eggs Each.

Four is More[]

Get Four Stars From A Daily Level

The player has to get 4 stars in a Daily Level, it awards the player 5 eggs each.



Three-Star Pig Day Levels

The player has to get Three Stars in a determined number of Pig Day Levels, it awards the player 20 King Eggs each.

Treasure Hunter[]

Complete Goldegg Levels

The player has to pass a determined number of Golden Egg levels, it awards the player 10 King Eggs.

Starry Skies[]

Complete Three-Star Levels

The player has to get three stars on a determined numbers of Three Star Levels, it awards the player 30 King Eggs each.


Complete Episodes

The player has to complete all levels in a determined number of episodes, it wards the player 15 King Eggs each.

Time Flies[]

Complete Pigday Levels

The player has to pass Pig Day levels, it awards the player 5 King Eggs each.

Starry Eyes[]

Three-Star An Episode Level

The player has to three star an Episode Level, it awards the player 10 King Eggs each.

Bacon Maker[]

Pop Pigs!

Defeat pigs that doesn't have an structure protecting them, this awards the player 10 King Eggs each Star.

Bacon Conoisseur[]

Pop various types of Pigs!

Defeat pigs and other variations, such as King Pig and Foreman Pig, this awards the player 10 King Eggs each Star.

The Birds Are Angry[]

Fling Birds That Pop At Least One Pig

Fling a bird and directly hit a pig, it awards the player 5 King Eggs each Star.

The Bird Hatter[]

Collect Bird Hats

Get a Bird Wear of any type, this awards the player 5 eggs each Star collected.

The Quest For Birds[]

Complete Daily Quests

Complete any of the Bird Wear or Pig Quests, it awards the player 15 King Eggs each star.


The rewards the player can get:

  • Novice Flinger
    • Needs: 5 King Eggs
    • Rewards: 50 Coins.
  • Promising Flinger
    • Needs: 25 King Eggs
    • Rewards: x10 Power Potion Power-Ups.
  • Experienced Flinger
    • Needs: 50 King Eggs
    • Rewards: Hunter Red Bird Wear
  • Pig Popper
    • Needs: 100 King Eggs
    • Rewards: 100 Coins
  • Notable Flinger
    • Needs: 150 King Eggs
    • Rewards: x20 Ala-Ka-Bam Power-Ups
  • Veteran Flinger
    • Needs: 200 King Eggs
    • Rewards: Dragon Hal Bird Wear
  • Seasonal Expert
    • Needs: 250 King Eggs
    • Rewards: 250 Coins.
  • Egg Recovery Expert
    • Needs: 300 King Eggs
    • Rewards: x10 Shockwave Power-Ups.
  • Castle Smasher
    • Needs: 350 King Eggs
    • Rewards: 350 Coins
  • Master Flinger
    • Needs: 400 King Eggs
    • Rewards: Geisha Matilda Bird Wear.
  • Seasoned Flinger
    • Needs: 450 King Eggs
    • Rewards: x10 Telebird's
  • Bane Of All Pigs
    • Needs: 500 King Eggs
    • Rewards: Hat Chuck Bird Wear
  • Grandmaster Flinger
    • Needs: 550 King Eggs
    • Rewards: 1000 Coins.
  • A Master Of All Seasons
    • Needs: 600 King Eggs.
    • Rewards: Catwoman Stella Bird Wear + All exclusive Bird Wear.


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