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Race Nut is the seventh episode of Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work.

Toons.TV Description[]

Don't knock it 'till you rocket.

YouTube Description[]

The race is cars and bars forever. Or well... WHAT THE BRICK?


The episode begins with a pig stacking crates and a small piglet offering him a rocket. The first pig rejected the offer. In another scene, the first pig put a motor into one of the crates and the small pig offered the rocket again. The first pig rejected (again) while screwing a screw in. Later, the first pig proudly laughs while on the car, and the second pig offered the rocket (again). The first pig started the engine, blowing ash and smoke on the small pig. The first pig gets excited while the cart breaks apart. The pig in what was once a cart struggles desperately to get to the finish while the small pig used the rocket and won. The finish line marker bent and flung the first pig back. As the credits roll, the Bad Piggies tune plays. Then the small pig crashes into a wall off-screen.


  • In the corner of the title card, there is cursive writing, possibly the signature from the pig shown on the poster.
  • When the Pig is ready for race the Bad Piggies theme is heard.
  • This episode aired on Memorial Day.
  • This is the second episode to play the Bad Piggies theme in the end credits; the first one being Fly Piggy, Fly!.



Piggy Tales - Pigs at Work - Race Nut - S2 Ep7


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