Ragnahog loading screen
Episode number 29
Levels 25
New features Egg Counter, newer challenges
Released December 1, 2016
Game(s) Angry Birds Seasons Ragnahog Icon
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Hammier Things N/A

Ragnahog is the twenty-ninth episode in Angry Birds Seasons. It was released on December 1, 2016. It is the sixth and final official episode of the Seasons 2016 package and is the seventh Christmas-themed episode (Vikings version). The first being Season's Greedings, the second being Wreck the Halls, the third being Winter Wonderham, the fourth being Arctic Eggspedition, the fifth being On Finn Ice, and the sixth being Ski or Squeal.

This is Tony's third appearance. The second was Ski or Squeal and the first was On Finn Ice.

Similar to the previous Christmas-themed episodes, the levels have an advent calendar style. Because of this format, the player can't unlock additional levels by completing them in order like in other episodes. Thus, the levels can be tackled in any order the player desires, proving that the required levels were passed.

The selection screen for Angry Birds Seasons has been changed to a different format in this update, simplifying it.

It is most likely the final episode of Angry Birds Seasons, as the game has not had any new episodes since and it was pulled from the App Store and Google Play in 2018.

Google Play and iOS Description

In the dead of winter, green-snouted banners unfurl in the arctic wind. In the distance, a lone slingshot rises to answer the Viking Pigs’ call for battle. It’s a new advent style episode: Ragnahog!

– New Viking-themed episode!

– Play a new level every day Dec. 1-25.

– 2 new Golden Egg Levels!

– Terence’s Nordic cousin Tony visits for the holidays!

– New quests and achievements!


The cutscene shows when the player completes 1-25.

It shows Red with a hairdryer heating a pig with a towel, drinking hot chocolate, while in the background there's a destroyed Viking boat sinking.

Golden Eggs

Main article: Angry Birds Seasons Golden Eggs


  • The name "Ragnahog" is a reference to "Ragnarok", a futuristic apocalyptic event in Norse mythology.
  • Most of the sprites are reused from the Vikings Tournament from Angry Birds Friends.
  • When the episode is released, the theme song for Winter Wonderham is changed to an instrumental version of Fly Me Home Tonight.
  • There was a bug in the level selection. When you complete a level, with 3 stars or Mighty Eagle, the next level unlocks automatically without purchasing all levels.
  • In the Bonus Thor's hammer level,  there are pigs wearing modern outfits on a Viking ship. They are waving to the screen and there's an Exit sign. This could mean that they are the developers saying bye to the players as if it was the last episode of it. There is also a bearded King Pig wearing a hat full of money, which he shoots a burning arrow at the ship.


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