Template:Epic Infobox Level Ranked Arena Battle is an Arena Battle that have Player vs. Player and you'll have to fight other players in the world as enemy.


1 to 8. Randomly

See Difficulty System for more informations.

  • The difficulty is based on the birds and banners that the enemy choose and the birds and banners that you choose.


When you go to Terence's Floating Glory, you can also change your birds' class, weapons and off-hand items just like your original camp. But there aren't any Magic Anvil to craft your weapons or Magic Cauldron to buy potions('cause you can't use potions in this battle). There is only a Golden Pig Machine for you to roll for banner's items. The chance for you to get set or epic items is based on the league you're on. There are many leagues: The Wood league is the lowest league and the highest league is the Diamond league. Earn many arena points from this battle's Wheel of Fortune to get a rank in top 3. The 3 players which is in the top 3 will be in the next league on next week. The Magic Anvil is replaced by the Daily Objectives board. Complete the 3 objectives on the board daily to get tons of arena points. There's still a tower next to the birds. But the top of the tower is replaced by a Terence's statue which is show you about your arena battle's profile instead of your original profile. You have 3 banners to play the battle. When you lost a battle, you lost a banner and if you lost all three, you must wait until tomorrow to fix the banners or continue playing by buying 20 LuckyCoin. Just like the original battle, you can only choose 3 birds to go in the battle. When you go to the battle, after the pigs cheering and Terence shout them to quiet, a coin will be roll to decide that you or the enemy will begin the battle. Your and the enemy's birds will have a new Arena Rage Chili power and the Bird Banner. Also, the birds can revive after 3 turns being knocked out if you not defeat the banner before the bird revives. If you defeat the enemy's banner, you win and if your enemy defeat your banner, you lose and lose a banner. If you quit the battle, you will instantly lose a banner.


  • The pigs will cheer again and Terence will smile when you kill or the enemy kill a bird or when one of your bird acivate the rage ability.
  • This is the second time in Angry Birds Epic to have Birds vs. Birds.


Angry Birds Epic PvP Update First Look Player vs Player Battle Arena & Leagues

Angry Birds Epic PvP Update First Look Player vs Player Battle Arena & Leagues

First look at the Ranked Arena Battle

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