Re-Abduction TC
Episode number 31
Air Date January 13, 2017
Written by Duncan Rochfort
Directed by Meruan Salim
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Snout on the Wall Ball Games

Re-Abduction is the thirty-first episode of Piggy Tales: Third Act. This is an sequel to Abduction from the first season.

Toons.TV Description

The intergalactic explorer returns but gets more than he bargained for with Janitor Pig.


The episode starts with Janitor Pig cleaning the floor,but,he sees a UFO and a little pig gets out of it and starts talking with Janitor pig,he laughs at him because the little pig haves a little voice.The little pig gets angry and turns Janitor Pig into a little pig,he gets to talk to Janitor Pig as they are the same size now but Janitor Pig steals his UFO and starts to follow him and makes the little pig turn big by shooting a blue lazer on him.He loses control and accidentaly gets into the UFO pig because he swallowed the UFO,the UFO pig's eyes lights up and he goes away as the UFO's moving on his belly.



  • This episode dates in 2016 with the credits instead of 2017.
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