Ready Aim Play
Ready Aim Play
Episode number Special (Promoting launch of Toons.TV)
Air Date October 1, 2015
Written by Fabien Weibel
Directed by Fabien Weibel
Birds Unknown
Pigs Unknown
Board to Pieces Demohogs

Ready Aim Play is a special episode of Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work to promote the launch the Toons.TV app.

YouTube Description

The ToonsTV app under pigstruction.


The pigs get questioned about the huge mess, but one of the pigs got a good idea. The pig gets a hammer and wears his construction hat. The other pigs don't think it is a very good idea, but they decided to go on with the pig. The pigs build by hammers and items. The pig then finally announced it was finished, and checks it with a rectangular cover, but it was not quite ready. The pig then finally uses a hammer to knock it, and it was finally finished. The pigs watch, and the shows appear, along with Featured, Channels, and My History tabs, and the Toons.TV logo. One pig thought of a idea and pulled a rope. The play button appears. The pig loads a cannon, and it lands on the play button.



ToonsTV App - Ready? Aim

ToonsTV App - Ready? Aim. Play!

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