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You may be looking for the Bird Side or Bird Rebels.

Rebels is the unnumbered but possibly extra episode of Angry Birds Star Wars II. It takes place on Lothal, and is composed on twelve levels for both sides, with a boss battle at the last ones.


Bird Side[]

The Bird Side version of Rebels takes place in a base on Lothal underneath a clean, blue sky during nighttime. Some buildings can be spotted in the background.

Pork Side[]

The Pork Side version of Rebels is set in a hero base on Lothal underneath a green sky. Some tents are seen in the background, some of them having a poster depicting a Stormtrooper surroundered by a no symbol.


Angry Birds Star Wars II[]

In Angry Birds Star Wars II, Cikatro Vizago attacked a base on Lothal, and went after Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla. Later, he called Agent Kallus and told him about the heroes, which called his interest. Later, Kallus and some AT-DP Pilots tried (in vain) to kill Jarrus and Syndulla.

In the meantime, in other region of Lothal, Ezra Bridget infiltrated one of the Pork Side's bases and attacked the Stormtroopers there. He soon after got cornered by the army, until he was later saved by Sabine Wren. They were also aided by Hera Syndulla. The trio later fought against Kallus and defeated him, leaving Lothal afterwards as an enraged Kallus cursed them from behind. A while later, an injured Kallus called The Inquisitor and tasked him with killing Jarrus.


Bird Side[]

Pork Side[]


Bird Side[]

Image Level 3-star tips
Level B6-1
Level B6-2
Level B6-3
Level B6-4
Level B6-5
Level B6-6
Level B6-7
Level B6-8
Level B6-9
Level B6-10
Level B6-11
Level B6-12

Pork Side[]

Image Level 3-star tips
Level P6-1
Level P6-2
Level P6-3
Level P6-4
Level P6-5
Level P6-6
Level P6-7
Level P6-8
Level P6-9
Level P6-10
Level P6-11
Level P6-12


Bird Side[]

Main article: The Inquisitor

Pork Side[]

Main article: Kanan Jarrus

Name in other languages[]

Language Name English translation
Spanish Rebeldes Rebels
Russian Мятежники (Myatezhniki) Rebels


  • The name of Rebels is based on the Star Wars Rebels TV series, which was where the events of this episode were based on.
  • This is the only episode in the game where the Bird Side levels do not take place during daytime, and the only one where the Pork Side levels do not take place during nighttime or in outer space. Instead, it follows the reverse.
  • The 'E' in "BE" or "PE" might mean the fact that this is an extra episode as it has little connection to the prequel trilogy.



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