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"I'm Red! The mighty defender of the nest! The smasher of pigs! The castle-busting wrecking ball! I don't freeze!"

-Red, Angry Birds Comics Issue 10 (Red's Scarf story)

Red is the main protagonist of the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. He was introduced in 2009, as the icon of the original game and a core member of the original flock, as well as the leader. Red is typically the central character in the Angry Birds games. After his first appearance in Poached Eggs, he has become a prominent character for the series.


Red's Description in Angry Birds Birdsonality (modified):

Red's a natural leader: strong willed, outspoken, and decisive. Knowledgeable and self-confident, he can intimidate other people who may mistake his confidence for arrogance.


Red kicking the Soccer Boy Bird

Red is shown to be a very grumpy, short-tempered bird. He is short to anger, often getting angry at others when they do not coordinate with him. This causes a separation between him and other birds, even being isolated from all the other birds as shown in the Angry Birds Movie. At this stage, he was deep down very lonely but couldn't associate with the other birds as every time he tried, he was ignored.

He had this angry temper since he was born and instead of hatching in the normal way, he punched the egg, which it broke. Another reason of this temper is because he has big eyebrows, which the other birds in the school he studied as a kid, always mocked him up, calling Red as eyebrows which caused him to get furious and cry.

He didn't also see his parents (who abandoned him), which he always cried about it and made paintings of how he imagined his parents, in good moments such as in a beach, on a roller coaster and at his Graduation. The fact that he never saw his parents is stated when Red (as a kid) asks his teacher if Mighty Eagle was going to come back. In response, a female kid bird asked Red if his parents ever told him that Mighty Eagle wasn't real while another female kid bird says to first bird that he didn't have parents.

However, once the eggs were stolen, Red rose up as the leader by the other birds, who had previously refused to believe him. Here, he proves his leadership qualities in his strong desire and passion to save the eggs.


Red watching the pigs forming a Newton's cradle

Red is the leader of the flock, which mainly includes Jay, Jake and JimChuck, Bomb, Matilda and Terence (along with HalBubblesStella, TonySilver and the Ice Bird who aren't as involved but still are part of the flock) While he doesn't have any abilities as the other birds do, he does have strong leadership skills that help in battle.

Red is a very loyal bird, and confides in his flock very much including Chuck and Bomb, his best friends/confidants. He is very strong-willed and dedicated, allowing nothing to distract him from protecting the eggs.

Red in Angry Birds Games

Angry Birds (Classic)

Abilities None (fly to wherever the screen is tapped in Red's Mighty Feathers)
First Appearance Poached Eggs 1-1
Gender Male
Species Northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)
Locations Various levels after Poached Eggs
Strength Weak
Size Medium

   Red made his debut in the original Angry Birds game as the main character (and icon). He is introduced in Theme 1-1 as the very first bird to the players. From then on, the following levels are mostly based off of teaching the player how to play the game/use Red, and from then on he appears often as a playable character.

After his first appearance in Poached Eggs, Red appears in all of the themes, excluding The Big Setup, which was entirely based off of Hal and Terence. He also appears in all of the cut-scenes for the game.

Ever since the game first skyrocketed, Red has become a very noticeable and iconic character.



Red in Angry Birds

Despite being the main character, Red (for the most part) does not have any actual abilities. When the screen is tapped Red will only emit his "battle cry" and nothing else. While he is useful in the first couple of levels, as the player unlocks more characters he/she will realize that Red is not very strong nor needed in some situations. 

Red's strengths and weaknesses are seen here.

In the Red's Mighty Feathers theme, Red was given an ability similar to Lazer Bird, which is to fly off to wherever the player taps. This ability makes Red much more useful as he can reach any location on the level map, which is something that none of the birds can do at will. He is also slightly stronger, mostly due to his increased speed when his ability is activated.

This ability is exclusive to the levels in the theme and the Golden Eggs associated with the theme, but the game once offered an in-app purchase to active Red's ability permanently for all levels, where the profits contributed to the RED organization.

Angry Birds Seasons




Abilities None
First Appearance Trick or Treat 1-1
Gender Male (female, for the other red bird)
Species Northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)
Locations Various levels after Trick or Treat.
Strength Weak
Size Medium

   Red appears with the rest of the birds in the game, and is once again generally the main character of the game, along with being the icon. He first appears in Trick or Treat as the first character introduced, and afterwards appears in all of the following themes as a main character.

Unlike other Angry Birds games, the characters' designs for Seasons did not change, so he looks exactly like the original style.

Red, like all of the other characters, has unlockable costumes.

He often appears in promotions and cover arts for the themes, but will sometimes not appear and in place will be other birds. (for example, Red did not appear in the Ham Dunk cover, while Bubbles, Bomb and Jay, Jake, and Jim did)

In the golden egg for Go Green, Get Lucky, Red wears a leprechaun hat that is actually attached to his head. This is the first time that any bird wears a costume in the Angry Birds universe in-game.

There was also a female counterpart of Red named Female Red Bird, and she was only used as a promotion for Hogs and Kisses and was Red's romantic interest throughout the theme. She was non-canon and was not playable in the game. However, she became extremely popular with fans, and her own merchandise began to spread, including her own plush toy. She only appears in the final cutscene but not in any level for the theme, but makes no other appearances afterward. In fact, some of her diehard fans begged Rovio to make her playable.


Red does not have any special abilities just as in the first game and has the same launch sounds and battle cries. No changes are made to his size, speed, or strength.

Red appears as the Homing Bird, wearing a radar on his head, where he will fly straight towards the first pig he detects.

He also appears as The TeleBird, which he wears a purple suit with yellow goggles, with an antenna. Touching the screen will slow down Telebird until you choose a determined place..After choosing it, Telebird will teleport to the place you wanted, destroying what it's near him, also, he will attract things to the place.

Angry Birds Rio

Abilities None
First Appearance Smuggler's Den 1-1
Gender Male
Species Northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)
Locations Various levels after Smuggler's Den
Strength Weak
Size Medium

   Red, Jay, Jake, Jim, and Chuck are all kidnapped by the smugglers and sent to Rio, where they are encaged in a room with all of the other birds. Because of their strength and rage, they break free of the cage, beginning the Rio game's storyline.

Red is once again the icon for the game, and the first character to be introduced. After his first appearance in Smuggler's Den, he is a playable character in all of the themes that follow.

Once they defeat Nigel they manage to fly all the way back to Piggy Island, just in time to once again save the eggs from the pigs.

Red then travels back to Rio with his flock to visit his friends, Blu and Jewel. This starts the Rio 2 segment.

In this segment Red, along with all of the other characters, receives a change in design. He bears his Toons animation style, with much thicker eyebrows, better shading, and different outlines.

He also appears as the Samba Burst power-up, which he wears a fruit hat and is happy. Touching on the screen when you launch him, will cause Red to shakes and makes something near him also shakes, such as Marmosets, Wood, Stone, etc.


Red once again bears no abilities, just like the previous two games. However, he, just like Matilda, receives a noticeable increase in strength. He can destroy blocks much more effectively, making him a much more useful character to have. This was very pleasing to fans, as they complained that he was much too weak.

During boss battles, Red can be used to activate TNT or knock down easy structures onto the boss. However, if the player gets rid of all the surrounding blocks and debris then Red isn't a very effective character but can bring somewhat decent damage to the enemy.

Angry Birds Space

Red bird space
Abilities None
First Appearance Pig Bang 1-1
Gender Male
Species Northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)
Locations Various levels after Pig Bang
Strength Weak
Size Medium

   The game was first teased in early 2012, showing a costumed Red in a short video. As the game kept being teased, it was finally announced as the 4th installment of the series. Red, along with a few other members of his flock, were shown in their space costumes, all based off of comic book characters.

The game's story begins with Red and the others watching after the eggs when the Ice Bird and his eggsteroid fly through a wormhole, which had just opened in the sky. A large tentacle then shoots out of the wormhole, grabbing the eggsteroid but also the flock's eggs, causing them to sling themselves into the void. His first appearance was in Pig Bang.

Through the portal, all of the characters are zapped into their space form, and they fly out of the portal into space, beginning the events of the game.

Red is known as "Super Red Bird" in the game and is once again the main icon and character.

Red and all the other characters received their own promotional videos, which can be found on youtube, and also received their own plush toys. (excluding Atomic Bird, who didn't appear when the game was first released)


Red, once again, does not have an ability. However, he is slightly tougher, and can forcefully shove structures down if they are light enough, along with heavy boulders and spacecraft.

It is also not widely known, but if the player taps the screen when Red is in flight near a pig, then he will make his battle cry and emit a flash of red, and the nearby pig will "jump". It is not extremely effective but can pop the pig or topple over the structure underneath if it is light enough. (this will only work in a gravitational pull) Terence can also do this, but much stronger.

While Red's mask does not give him any special powers, it is known that it can zoom in and out like a pair of binoculars, allowing Red to be much more alert and attentive to nearby trouble. This is not a feature that is available to the player during gameplay but only is used in cutscenes.

Bad Piggies

Abilities None
First Appearance Flight in the Night
Gender Male
Species Northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)
Locations Various levels after Flight in the Night
Strength Moderate
Size Medium

   Red makes an appearance in Bad Piggies not as the main protagonist, but as an enemy against the pigs, who are the main characters in this spin-off of the series. Red along with a few other members of the flock appear in the Flight in the Night episode, and since then they've appeared as enemies and hazards in multiple levels of the themes after.

This is the first game in the Angry Birds universe in which Red was introduced through an update.

Red's design slightly changes; he is much more animated, and he is given much more shading, rather than the simple colors of the other games. He uses the same sprites as the current Angry Birds game, including his attack face and corpse.


Easter-egg-on -bp

Red, and Bomb's cameo seen in the Bad Piggies game

Red first appears in Flight in the Night, where he and the other birds are completely sound asleep. However, in the following levels, they are easily woken if the player makes noise.

If Red is woken, which can be done if the player activates parts of their kart near him, he will then shoot himself on a nearby slingshot at you. It is possible to not be affected by this if your kart is strong enough, but it is possible for him to land on top of your vehicle, weighing it down, or send it into the wrong direction by pushing it.

If Red manages to hit the player's pig, Ross, he cannot die, so he will only forcefully shove him. This can be useful if Ross is trying to roll towards the finish line if his kart is destroyed.

Chuck and Jay, Jake, and Jim can activate their abilities when they sling themselves, but Red cannot, as he does not have an ability.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Red Skywalker

Red Skywalker


Jedi Luke copy

Endor Luke copy

Luke helmet

Abilities Swiping his lightsaber once
First Appearance Tatooine 1-1 (Angry Birds Star Wars)
Gender Male
Species Northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)
Locations Various levels after Tatooine
Strength Weak
Size Medium

   Red appears as the in-game counterpart of Luke Skywalker, the main protaganist of the Star Wars original trilogy. 

Known as "Red Skywalker", he first appears in the Tatooine episode as the first character introduced, and then appears in all of the themes later.

Red is responsible for destroying the Death Star the very first time, along with defeating Emperor Palpatine.

Skywalker is the brother of Princess Stella Organa, and his mother is Padme Amidala. He is the owner of R2-D2 and C-3PO,  who he buys off of the Jawas.

In the ending of the game, he is saved by his father, "Lard Vader", also played by Red.


In the game, He will be given a lightsaber and when the player taps the screen, Red will swipe his lightsaber around his front in an arc way, destroying/damaging the nearby objects around him.

If the player beats the last level of Path of the Jedi, then Red will receive an upgrade. This time, he receives a green lightsaber, which is much stronger than his previous blue lightsaber, along with a new black outfit. This upgrade is also usable in all of the levels of the game and not removable.

It is notable that all of the characters can also activate their ability after they land on a surface, though this only lasts for a short period of time. This is very useful if the player wants to dive deep into a structure to cause more damage, or perhaps go a bit further to reach a farther target.

Lard Vader

Lard Vader
Darth pig
Abilities Swinging a lightsaber and using the force
First Appearance Death Star
Gender Male
Species Northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) Pig
Locations Various levels after Death Star
Strength Strong
Size Medium

   Red also is the counterpart of Luke's father, Anakin Skywalker, in the game. (otherwise known as Darth Vader)

Darth Vader is the main antagonist of the game, and the entire story is based on defeating him. However, in the very last moments of the game, he decides to sacrifice himself, doing one last deed of good, in order to save his son and everyone else from Emperor Palpatine. After this, he sees his son Luke for one last time, and then dies, joining Yoda and Obi-Wan.

He appears from the very start of the game and even received his own promotional video, which can be found on youtube.


Vader's TIE fighter appears in the boss battle of Death Star as the last stage of the level, though he does not make a physical appearance.

His first actual appearance as a boss is in the Cloud City episode, using his red lightsaber to repel nearby enemies. He can be defeated if the player knocks enough debris into him, but if the player directly aims for him then he will simply just push the bird away. Lasers also will be deflected by him.

His final appearance is in Death Star 2. where he is first an enemy in the final level. This time, he uses his force abilities to push away nearby objects and characters. However, towards the end of the level, he hops onto the slingshot as a playable character.

He is unlimited, and will just hop back onto the slingshot until Palpatine is defeated.

His ability is to gravitate all the nearby objects in a large radius around him and then push them away with great force. He is extremely powerful but is only playable in that one situation, and nowhere else in the game.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Podracer copy

Anakin II copy

Anakin Episode III copy

Abilities Flying explosive podracer, swinging lightsaber, using the dark side of the force
First Appearance Escape to Tatooine
Gender Male
Species Northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)
Locations Various levels after Escape to Tatooine
Strength Moderate to Strong
Size Medium

   Red appears as Anakin in the prequel version of the game, and first appears in the bird side portion of Escape to Tatooine. After his first appearance, he then on appears in the following bird side themes until Revenge of the Pork, where he is then on playable in the pork side portion.

As the player progresses, Anakin will age and receive different counterparts of his character along with different abilities.

Anakin is the father of Luke and Leia, and Padme's love interest. He was first discovered by Qui-Gon, who realized that he could potentially defeat all of the pigs. After Qui-Gon's death, Anakin is mentored by Obi-Wan but is manipulated by Emperor Palpatine and falls over to the dark side becoming Darth Vader.


Podracer Anakin is the first version of Anakin to be unlocked in the game, and he is tethered to a podracer, which flies across the screen once the player launches the character. The podracer will explode upon contact, and the player can tap the location that he/she wants the podracer to fly to. The podracer has decent strength, and Anakin can also knock down nearby structures as he swings around.

In Rise of the Clones, Anakin then receives an upgrade into his Padawan form, and his Podracer counterpart is no longer playable in the game. (though it can be used as a powerup, like all of his other counterparts and is also playable in previous levels) Anakin now will swing a blue lightsaber 360 degrees around his body, destroying/damaging the objects near him.

In Revenge of the Pork Anakin receives his final counterpart before he turns into Darth Vader, his Sith counterpart. When his ability is activated, he will pull all the objects nearest to him and use the force to push them away, causing much destruction to the nearby structures. In this form, he is extremely powerful and can tear apart towers and buildings with ease.

Anakin also has a Darth Vader counterpart (as a playable character), though he is not introduced in the story and can only be used solely as a powerup or in the Rewards Chapter. His ability is basically the same as Sith Anakin's, but much stronger. (though in return, more expensive to purchase with coins)

All 4 are basically the same character in different parts of the story but are considered separate in terms of gameplay.

Luke Skywalker

Luke appears as a playable character, but only as a power-up. He cannot be found in any of the story levels but can be purchased in amounts at the shop where the player can then use in all of the bird side levels.


As pilot Luke, he retains his ability from the first game. As Endor Luke, he slices an area in front of him twice. As Jedi Luke, he instead slices an area in front of him three times.

Ezra Bridger

Ezra Bridger
Ezra bridger
Abilities Laser Blaster
First Appearance Rebels
Gender Male
Species Northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)
Locations Player choice after Rebels
Strength Moderate to Strong
Size Medium

   Ezra, the main protagonist of the Rebels TV show, is played by Red in this portion of the game. He is the first character to be introduced in this theme, which takes place in Lothal, and then on appears in the rest of the theme and can also be purchased as a power-up. He is also given a level in the Rewards Chapter if the player makes enough points with him as a power-up. 


Ezra, like all of the other characters, is given a unique ability never used before by previous characters. He can shoot a yellow colored laser beam in whatever direction the player taps to, destroying the wood and glass blocks in its path. Like other laser-based characters, his beam will deflect off of metal, which can be used to the player's advantage in harder to reach locations. It will also destroy the metal that it bounces off of, so the player should aim for blocks in towers that can easily be knocked over.

The more blocks that the beam goes through, the weaker it becomes. Thus, if the player shoots at multiple blocks of glass and wood before it bounces off of metal, it will not as effectively break the metal, only damaging it.

Ezra's blaster will blast strongly before quickly dying out, so the player should keep this in mind when using it. (though it does not take time in finding its path)  

The laser will also fizzle out when it comes in contact with indestructible material (such as the ground) and will disappear if the player aims at the sky.

Angry Birds Go!

Abilities Boost
First Appearance Seedway
Gender Male
Species Northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)
Locations Player choice
Strength Moderate
Size Medium

   Red appears in Angry Birds Go! as the very first character introduced in the Seedway theme, and the only character that does not have to be unlocked to be playable. After the player finishes the introductions and tutorials, he/she can use Red as a playable character whenever he/she pleases.

Like all of the other characters in the game, Red received a brand new 3D model for the game. His style takes on his Toons appearance, and unlike past games, it is made clear that Red has two separate eyebrows rather than one single unibrow. (as they can shift around to how he is feeling, allowing him to be much more expressive)


All of the characters have power-ups in the game, and Red's is a boost that can be used when his power-up beaker is filled. When the icon is tapped, Red will increase speed leaving a trail of red feathers behind him.

While it is useful at the beginning of the game, the player will soon find that it is not as effective as other characters whose power-ups are also based off of speed, such as Chuck or Bubbles, who are much faster than Red.

Angry Birds Epic

Red is introduced as the very first character of Angry Birds Epic, along with being once again the icon character. The player uses him to complete the first few levels and free Chuck, and from then on he becomes one of the five prominent playable characters in the story mode. 

He also appears in most promotional material and cutscenes for the game.

Red, like all of the other characters, can be upgraded and changed to the player's preference with the resources that he/she has.


To see Red's stats, costumes, and abilities, see here.

Angry Birds Stella

Red doesn't appear in the game, Angry Birds Stella, but appeared in the Game Console object. He has a game console with Stella, her game was in the object while playing.

Angry Birds Transformers







Abilities Shooting lasers
First Appearance unknown
Gender Male
Species Northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)
Locations All levels once unlocked
Strength Varied
Size Medium

   Red appears in Angry Birds Transformersas all variations of Optimus Prime, which includes Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Energon Optimus Prime, Ultimate Optimus Prime, Nemesis Optimus Prime, and Epic Optimus Prime. He also appears as the icon character of the game, and appears in a lot of the promotional material and trailers for the game usually as Optimus Prime, and also appears in the comic series as Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime's Description In-Game:

Optimus is a charismatic leader whose courage and compassion inspire everyone he meets. He's brave, powerful and wise.

If he has one weakness it's that he's always focused on the well-being of his fellow Autobirds. Also, he's straightfoward and to the point - so don't expect him to crack any jokes. And he sometimes loses his temper, too.

Optimus isn't driven to fight by hatred or vengence, but a desire to acheive freedom for all and end the destruction the EggBots are causing.

Actually, fighting agianst the EggBots is causing Optimus real problems. They're the Eggs - so they have to be protected at all costs, right? But they're destroying everything and must be stopped.

Ultra Magnus' Description In-Game:

Where Optimus Prime is a leader, Ultra Magnus is a dedicated soldier, 100% focused on protecting the innocent. That may make him a bit blunt, sure, but he's got a job to do.

It's his role to take the fight to the Deceptihogs and Eggbots.

Ultra Magnus is extremely disciplined when carrying out the mission at hand - and right now that's to the end the destruction of Piggy Island and keep the EggBots from trashing everything.

Nemesis Prime's In-Game Description:

Nemesis Prime was created to be a dark opposite of Optimus Prime, to cause mayhem and trouble whenever he wants. But the EggBots had forgotten two things: Angry Bird Red is a hero! And Optimus Prime is a hero!

So now Nemesis Prime fights for good; helping his teammates battle to reclaim Piggy Island! Ha! In your eggy face, silly EggBots!


Optimus Prime's (regular) gameplay description:

Optimus is a good, all round fighter, with no major weaknesses. With his balance of firepower, toughness and speed he's able to take on any situation.

His weapon takes a short time to hit its target, so it's best to focus your fire on one threat at a time. It may not do the most damage but it never overheats or needs to reload, so just hold the screen.

Energon Optimus Prime's gameplay description:

His (Energon Optimus Prime's) Energon overcharged weapon is enormously powerful, but Energon is volatile, so he takes a lot more damage, too!

Energon Optimus fires three lasers at once, and the weapon has a super quick reload time. Like the regular Optimus, you can focus on one enemy at a time, or, if powerful enough, you can swipe across the screen and deal a spread of damage.

Ultimate Optimus Prime's gameplay description:

Variant characters are for expert players! If they complete an Event they earn loads of bonus coins, but if they fail they get... nothing. Ouch!

Ultra Magnus' gameplay description:

His (Ultra Magnus') fires powerful bursts but takes time to reload, so watch out you don't get caught at the wrong moment. Sometimes it's worth holding your fire so he has the chance to reload.

Ultra Magnus has a good mix of power, toughness and speed, but isn't focused on any one thing, so you'll need to adapt to whatever's coming at you.

Nemesis Prime's gameplay description:

Nemesis Prime's anti gravity gun doesn't do much damage per shot. Instead it launches pigs and blocks into the air and lets gravity do the rest!

To ensure that you get maximum lift, aim directly at pigs or for the top few blocks of the tower.

Angry Birds POP!

ABPop Red Character
Abilities Rock Pop
First Appearance unknown
Gender Male
Species Northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)
Locations Drop the Pigs and Defeat King Pig
Strength Moderate
Size Medium

   Red first appeared in the game as a limited edition character, and was only available for a short period of time. He was then taken out of the game but was still seen in one area of the map.

Rovio then introduced him once again as a limited edition character.

Later on, the game was changed to a regular Angry Birds game rather than an attachment to the Stella series, and the characters (excluding Stella) were changed to members of Red's flock. Red took what was originally 2 of Stella's sections, the Drop the Pigs and Defeat King Pig segments of the game. 


In the Drop the Pigs section, the player must assist Red in popping the bubbles, blocks and other items holding the pigs up. The player beats the level by dropping all of the pigs to the bottom of the level.

In the "Defeat King Pig" portions, King Pig and his minions will attempt to stop you from clearing the level. The player's objective is to free the fireflies in the very top row. For every couple pairings the player makes, the pigs will try to divert the player by throwing in their own obstacles, from explosives to clouds.

In both of these segments, the player is given a limited amount of bubbles and if he/she runs out, then he/she loses the level.

Red, like all of the other characters, has his own special bubble that can be used when the player makes enough pairings. His pop, entitled the Rock Pop, will pop up to 4 bubbles/obstacles.

Angry Birds Fight!

Toons assets red
Abilities Rock Pop
First Appearance unknown
Gender Male
Species Northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)
Locations Player Choice
Strength Dependant on player
Size Medium

   Red appeared in Angry Birds Fight! as once again the icon character and the main character. He was one out of the 6 playable characters the player could have chosen from and was the first character that the player was introduced to in the very beginning of the game. Other than being a playable character, he also appeared as an icon in the matching board.

Red appeared very often in the cutscenes and promotion for the game.

Certain parts of the game used computer animation, such as the player's customizable characters. Red used computer animation when fighting other characters as well as some other parts of the game. He took on his Angry Birds Toons animation style and while other games had their own styles, Fight! takes character animation directly from the Toons series. 

Like all of the other birds in the game, Red was customizable to the player's preference, and the player would been able to purchase costumes and weapons for Red with in-game currency.

As of August 1st, 2017, the game has been discontinued and removed from the Play and App stores, and the servers have since been shut down.


The game wouldn't include direct gameplay with the birds, but rather a tile-matching objective. Matching 3 of the bird icons would have popped the birds out, and matching 4 or more would activate the specific bird's special ability. If 4 of Red's icons were matched, then random panels would be blocked out with wooden boxes on the opponent player's matching board.

Once the round was over, the two battling players began fighting, and the player's success would entirely be based on how much points he/she was able to gather together.

Angry Birds 2

Abilities Collapsing Pig Fortresses with an aura of anger
First Appearance unknown
Gender Male
Species Northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)
Locations All levels
Strength Moderate
Size Medium

   Red appears in the first official sequel to the original game, Angry Birds 2, as once again the icon and main character. He is the very first character to be introduced, and after the player plays the very first introduction level of the game, they receive Red's card that can be used any time during all of the levels. Unlike all of the returning characters of the game who kept their abilities, Red finally received one of his own after usually never having one in a slingshot based game. (excluding games like Star Wars, where Red was portraying another character)

The game also introduced computer animation for the birds and the pigs, which had never happened with the previous installments of the series. (which used pre-set separate sprites for when the bird is idle, flies, etc) Red also appears in his Toons animation style, along with the voice used in the series.


As stated before, Red finally received his own ability in this game. He is now able to, when the screen is tapped, squawk and send red waves in front of him, forcing away the structure in front of him and causing it to fall onto other structures.

Red's ability is most effective when it is used on taller structures. Red will not be able to knock down heavily fortified structures, or blocks that aren't stacked up with each other.

Like all of the other characters of the game, Red can be upgraded through earning feathers. As the player levels Red up with a certain amount of feathers, his rank and card color will change, and the number of points he racks up will increase.

Angry Birds Football

ABMovie Red
Abilities None
First Appearance unknown
Gender Male
Species Northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)
Locations All levels
Strength Moderate
Size Medium

   Red appeared as the main and icon character of Angry Birds Football. For the very first time in any Angry Birds game Red was featured as the only playable character in this soccer-based game. Red's team was named the Mighty Feathers, which included Red as the team captain and 4 other unnamed red birds alongside him. Side birds like the Mighty Eagle, Bomb, Stella, and a handful of other birds each had a different purpose, such as cheerleading or training the team. The main goal of the Mighty Feathers was to defeat their rival team, the pigs.

Red used a 3D character model in this game, and his appearance was based off his one in the Angry Birds Movie. 

The game was discontinued as of December 15th, 2016, and was never released to the public.


The player could have upgraded their characters' skills in this game, the categories ranged from pace, power, technique, and defense that helped the birds' performances. These skills could be raised by training the birds, or using in-game currency to upgrade them instantly.

The purpose of the game was to pass the ball around in a special arrangement to the other birds in order to make the goal.

Angry Birds Action!

ABMovie Red
Abilities None
First Appearance Level 1 Bird Island
Gender Male
Species Northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)
Locations Player Choice
Strength Moderate
Size Medium

   Red appeared in Angry Birds Action! as once again the main and icon character. He appeared for the very first time (in an Angry Birds game) in his Movie animation style, which prominently included arms and legs.

Red appeared in the beginning of the game as more of a default character and was the first character to be introduced.

The game was based off of 3D animation, so Red along with all of the other characters used 3D character models.

As of ???, the game had been discontuined.


The entire game was based off a puzzle-pinball genre, and there were certain objectives that each level could have in order to complete the level.

The player could have used Red by pointing him at a target and shooting, and Red would then hit and bounced off of targets until he ran out of speed.

Unlike the other playable characters of the game, Red had no abilities, and as said before was more of a "default" character. 

However, like all of the other characters, as Red leveled up he would have recieved special boosts. In his bronze stage, he would have the bounce boost. In his silver stage, he would have the speed boost. In his gold stage, he recieves an extra move.

Angry Birds Ace Fighter

AB Ace Fighter Red
Abilities None
First Appearance unknown
Gender Male
Species Northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)
Locations Player choice
Strength Dependent on player
Size Medium

   Red once again appeared in Angry Birds Ace Fighter as the icon and main character. He appeared in promotional material and trailers for the game. 

Red's Description In-Game:

Red has outstanding leadership skills, but he is nervous all the time. He is liable to mistake the smallest sound as the enemy firing the first shot. He's even mistaken the wind blowing through the trees for the distant oink of the hostile pig.

Rovio announced that the game would be discontinuing due to adjustment of structure platform, as well as an expired contract with Siamgame. On September 6th, 2016, the game was removed from the Play and App stores and recharge was turned off, making the game nearly impossible. On October 10th, servers were shut down.


The gameplay was based off a Shoot em up style, with the player located at the bottom of the screen as the enemies fly downwards from the very top. Not much was known about Red's role specifically in the game. It was known that he was one of 4 different playable characters, and could be paired with different kinds of planes.

Angry Birds Blast!

ABBlast Red Transparency
Abilities None
First Appearance unknown
Gender Male
Species Northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)
Locations All levels
Strength unknown
Size Medium

   Red appears in Angry Birds Blast! as once again the icon and main character, but not a playable character (as technically none of the birds are playable). He appears in promotional material and trailers for the game.

Every character has his/her own unique quest, and Red's quest is to find a lost hatchling. All the player has to do in order to meet this goal is to beat one level where a hatchling is shown on the map.

Red once again takes on his Angry Birds Toons animation style in multiple parts of the game, but the Reds incased inside of the balloons take on a slightly different, more exaggerated appearance.


The game's objective is for the player to pop 2 or more balloons of the same color in order to free the birds encased inside. Multiple different Reds can be found inside of red colored balloons.

Other than this, there is not much direct gameplay when it comes to any of the birds, as the game is entirely based off of the player and unlike past installments, no birds are directly used with their own unique abilities.

Angry Birds Holiday

Red once again appeared in the icon of the game, and also appeared in promotions and trailers for the game. However, while most Angry Birds games include Red as the main leading character, Matilda actually took on this role rather than Red, guiding the player through the game. Because of this, Red actually did not have as much of a part in this game, though he did appear.

The game was never released outside of soft launch, and Rovio officially announced that the game stopped development and it was shut down as of December 31st, 2016.


As said before, Red did not have much involvement in this game. Because of this and the fact that the game didn't finish development, not much is known about Red's gameplay. It was known, however, that Red could be purchaseable with in-game currency along with his Holiday Shop. From there, Red and his shop would appear in the player's customizable map.

Angry Birds Evolution

Red appears as the icon character of Angry Birds Evolution. He appears as an unlockable character and is unlocked after beating the Yellow Desert. He can also be obtained in events with stronger stats.

There are also red birds, which can be evolved as the player progresses. ​​​​


Red saved the island from the pigs once already.Can he do it again?



Red looks exactly the same as the movie version.


Based on a biker, Red now wears a black jacket with his classic design on a white losangle on the back of it. He also wears a black band with 2 white spots and a symbol on it and a black fingerless gloves.

Weak Spot Evolution

Based on a Karate fighter, Red now wears a white kimono with a black belt and his classic design on the back. He also wears a white band with a symbol on it. On his left wing, he now haves white bands.

Power Row Evolution

Based on Superman, Red now wears a dark blue suit with a Superhero symbol containing his classic design and wears a red underwear with a golden yellow stripe. He also wears a red cape and has a bit of hair on his forehead.


On all his forms except Power Row, he kicks an enemy, dealing damage and knocking it around damaging any enemy he hits. The kicked pig has a 30% chance to increase its turn counter by 1.

Damage on evolutions:

  • Normal:1070
  • Evolution:3420
  • Weak Spot Evolution:3575

On his Power Row Evolution, he jumps into the air and slam down, dealing 3575 damage to a pig and push it around to deal damage to any pig it hits. Additionally, upgrade all power-ups on impact.

Leader Skill

All red birds in team get +30% attack power.


As his rarity is good, he is very strong. Evolving him with the right evolution will make him stronger. Totems and Runes can also help.

Angry Birds Match

ABMovie RedArmCrossed
Abilities Going to a side.
First Appearance Level 1 of Beach Day.
Gender Male
Species Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)
Locations Any level.
Strength Medium.
Size Medium.

   Red appears on the game as a booster and main character, like all of the characters in-game, he uses a modified version of his Movie design, his gameplay is the following:


When the player destroy a line of four objects, Red appears, if he is tapped and pushed to a side, he will destroy the line of objects on the side, he is strong to defeat pigs.

He also helps the player on how to play the game.


Media Appearences

Angry Birds Toons


Red as seen in Angry Birds Toons

Red is featured as a main character in the Angry Birds Toons series, and makes multiple appearances in many of the episodes, sometimes the subject on his own. The series shows more depth to Red as a character and his interests other than what the games have shown us.

To see Red's involvement in the Toons series, see the episode listings below:

Piggy Tales

Piggy Tales: Third Act

Red makes a cameo on a drawing on Art School .

Piggy Tales: 4th Street

Red, Chuck and Bomb made a brief appearence in the Piggy Tales: 4th Street episode Slingshot Delivery.

The Angry Birds Movie

ABMovie RedArmCrossed

Red as he appears in The Angry Birds Movie

Red appears in The Angry Birds Movie as the lead character, and is voiced by Jason Sudeikis. He is introduced as an isolated, lonely bird and the movie follows his journey to redemption as at first angry, aggressive bird to a loved, happy companion to those around him.

To see Red's involvement in the movie, see here.


  • Two versions of Red wearing aviation-related headgear were created for the Angry Birds Asian Challenge completion.
  • An officially licensed t-shirt entitled “Nerdy Birdy” showed Red with glasses and a bow tie. The image was so popular that a plush version was created. It should be noted that the Nerdy Birdy is not a new character, just Red wearing a bow tie and eyeglasses.
  • Red is the 7th bird known to play an instrument. He is seen in the Angry Birds POP! map playing the guitar and playing the accordion in Last Tree Standing. The other birds known to play an instrument are Hal, Willow, Poppy, Dahlia, Luca , Bomb and Matilda, in that order.
  • Red and Silver are the only birds to be named after a color.
    • He is also the only male bird named after a color.
  • Red is the only character to have appeared in every single game.
  • Angry Birds 2 is the first game where Red has a permanent power.
  • Red is similar to a lot of video game characters, TV show characters and movie characters:
    • Donald Duck since they are both birds with anger problems.
    • Mario from the Super Mario franchise since they have red and they're males.
    • Jesse from Minecraft: Story Mode since they have male and female counterparts, but Jesse's counterpart is like a substitute to him, while Red's counterparts are separate characters.
    • Knuckles from the Sonic franchise since they are aggressive members of their teams
    • Keith from Voltron: Legendary Defender since they are normally angry most of the time, they are leaders, they are males, and they have red on them.
  • Red makes a cameo in Angry Birds Stella as a game console.

    Red in the game console.

  • The Angry Birds Zero Gravity episode Stamp Collector revealed that Red is a philatelist.
  • On cards, Red's girlfriend (From Angry Birds Seasons) is named Girl Bird.
  • The King Bird-of-paradise (Cicinnurus regius) looks like Red a bit.

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