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Red's Mighty Feathers

Angry Birds

Episode number

9 (Bonus before 3.3.0)

Number of levels

30 (15 + 15 Egg Defender levels)

Episode order
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Bad Piggies

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Short Fuse

Red's Mighty Feathers is the ninth Angry Birds episode. It was originally a non-sequential episode consisting of a new style of gameplay known as "Egg Defender", but negative feedback from fans caused the V3.3.0 update to revise it as the ninth episode, with 15 standard levels that follow standard Angry Birds gameplay. It compromises the 24th theme, acting as a direct followup to the previous episode, and also made Egg Defender Theme 25.

The updated changed the original theme into the Angry Birds Trilogy theme, though it was changed back after.

The levels use items from Bad Piggies but with new parts added, which are the Bubble Blower and Vacuum. Also, the Sound Effects from Bad Piggies appear and the Umbrella color is yellow instead of Black, but the Black Umbrella from Bad Piggies could be seen In Level 24-13 which are in afew bits of a cave under the platform.

The episode takes place on Cobalt Plateaus.

Unlike the other episodes in the game, rather than Flash animation cut-scenes, this episode uses a comic book/strip-style format with still image panels telling the narrative, similar to the cutscenes in Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Friends.

Gameplay (Egg Defender Mode)

Each player is given unlimited Red's and set with one egg in this episode. The player tries protecting the egg while the pigs try to steal the egg.

Now, Red has a new power that acts like Lazer Bird (Space Chuck).

  • When a pig is missed, the launches don't count.

You have unlimited birds, but you can only attack with Red (and his new power).

You can see the video below.

Update Differences

  • Intros
    • In the old intro, the Mighty Eagle simply grants Red with the feathers, directly after that, Corporal Pig swoops in and takes the Eggs, which may be hinting that Mighty foreshadowed the events.
    • In the new intro, Red is tired of being the only bird without powers, then Mighty gives Red the feathers, which gives the birds a huge advantage.
  • Red's Ability
    • Before the update, Red would turn to the location of the nearest pig automatically, and the only way the player could influence this direction was by timing the ability use.
    • After the update, the player gained direct control of Red's turns, allowing it to be used more effectively.



  • In modern versions of Angry Birds, the episode is placed after Birdday Party and is the last in line to accommodate the now-obsolete episode prices.
  • This is the first and only episode that has a bird's name in the title.
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