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"Red's Playtime!is the fifteenth episode of Angry Birds on The Run. It premiered on February 16, 2019. 


Sure the Angry Birds are running out of time and could soon be stuck in our world forever, but can anyone resist the joys of a playground? Certainly not Red. Let the fun begin!


We see the timer from earlier; it fluctuates, and so Bomb comes near it, and hits it. It begins to function properly, only to lose some time in the process. Cut to a park, where the birds have crashed after flying on their umbrella from the previous episode. As they come round, Red wonders who the mysterious stranger with the net was. Regardless, he firmly states that playtime's over. But ironically, he sees a playground, and his inner child gets the better of him, much to the confusion of Chuck and Bomb. They still join in. The birds do several things; they play on the swings, on the merry-go-round, on the seesaw, on the bars, the jungle gym, and finally the slide. But as they all slide together, they get wedged in the middle. Some time later, Red snaps out of it, and asks what happened. Chuck states that they're stuck on the slide, which annoys Red, pointing out the logic that even though they couldn't climb stairs, they got to the top of the slide. Again, some time later, Bomb realizes he's the reason why they are stuck, as he is holding them back, thinking they'd appreciate a breather. Realizing they don't, he lets go, and they all slide down together. When they get up, Chuck tells Red they found what they've been looking for the whole time:- Kumiperuna secondary school. At last, Red feels delighted, but he soon worries after catching sight of the mysterious stranger from earlier, armed with their net. Bomb pushes Red and Chuck away, accidentally pushing red inside the slot of a mailbox, while Bomb stays immobile. Red sarcastically thanks him, while Bomb says, "no biggie!".





Angry Birds on The Run - Red's Playtime! - S1 Ep15

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