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Super red front copy.png
Gender Male
Species Cardinal
Size Medium
Abilities Super squack
Strength Weak
First appearance unknown

Super Red is a form of Red that debuted in Angry Birds Space. He is the leader of the Space Flock whose mission is to retrieve the eggs and save the eggsteroid from the Space Pigs


Super Red Bird has many different features compared to Red. This includes spiked head and tail feathers, unlike Red's rounded/rectangular ones. He also now dons a mask above his beak, which causes his eyes to glow. He also has no pupils.

He has red feathers and beige breast feathers, and a black tail.


Super Red Bird is essentially a different iteration of Red, but carries many key differences to the original character. He is much more heroic and battle ready, unlike the original Red who often tends to isolate himself. His special mask allows him to be more observant for danger, such as nearby pigs.


Super Red Bird is first introduced when Red enters the wormhole to go to space. Once he exits the wormhole he maintains the Super Red alias throughout the game. Super Red can use his mask to detect and analyze nearby surroundings for threats. This can be seen during cutscenes including those in Fry Me to the Moon and Utopia.

Super Red leads the space flock throughout different chapters of the game, and helps free Ice Bird from the captivity of the pigs.


  • Super Red Bird appears in Angry Birds POP Blast as a part of the space race event. However, he is not playable.


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