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Darth Vader, also known as Lard Vader,[1] and formerly known as Anakin Skywalker or Redkin Skywalker,[1] (born 41 BBY on Tatooine; died 4 ABY on Death Star II, Endor system) is a character that appears in the Angry Birds Star Wars series. He was a bird who is a part of the Pork Side, and the power-hungry leader of the Pig Empire.[2]

Originally a young mechanic living on Tatooine, Anakin joined the Bird Side in the battle against the Pork Side. However, when he became a Jedi Padawan, he betrayed his allies and joined the Pork Side. After a battle against Obi Wan Kenobi that nearly costed him his own life, Anakin was revived by Darth Sidious and adopted a new identity as Darth Vader. However, he and the Pork Side were eventually defeated for good by his own son, Luke Skywalker.


Darth Vader is a non-anthropomorphic bird with no feathers at all who is covered by a black armor that has a muzzle-like vent to breathe, and two shiny, red-colored eyes. He also wears a black cape that matches with his armor.

Back when he was a child, Anakin was a hatchling with red feathers that covered most of his body. His belly and eyebrows were peach colored. For attire, he used to wear a podracer helmet with side black round pads with red lines and white top that has red lines connecting to silver goggles with black lens, along with a beige kimono.

As a Jedi Padawan, Anakin was larger than before, with slightly darker hair than his younger self's. He also long, spiky hair with small horse tails on the sides. For attire, he wore a dark brown kimono with a reddish brown belt that had a silver buckle and a black jacket with a pocket with a silver button. When he then joined the Pork Side, his hair was tousled and much darker, gaining a brownish tone. He also had a small scar on his right eye, and his pupils also appeared much smaller than before, revealing bright, golden-colored irises.

Game appearances

Angry Birds Star Wars series

Angry Birds Star Wars

See also: Darth Vader's TIE fighter, Darth Vader (Cloud City) and Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine.

Darth Vader appears as the main antagonist in Angry Birds Star Wars. In the game, after finishing the construction of the Death Star, he kidnapped Princess Leia in hopes of gathering information about The Egg. However, Leia refused to tell him about The Egg, much for his anger, and left her trapped in a room with R2-D2, unaware that the latter had The Egg in him.[1] Some time after this, he fought against Luke Skywalker and his friends, which, despite ending in his defeat, gave him more power of the Force. Later, his TIE fighter fought the Rebels aboard the Death Star, only to be defeated. Later, at Cloud City, Darth Vader managed to catch Han Solo and trap him in carbonite. He later fought his enemies again, though he was defeated. During the fight, he confessed Luke that he was his father.

Some time after, Darth Vader fought his son and his friends one last time aboard the Death Star 2, alongside Emperor Palpatine. However, he suddenly had a change of heart and defeated Palpatine. Luke then took an injured Darth Vader's mask out and saw his face for the first time. He later was seen as a Jedi spirit watching his son and his friends celebrating.

In gameplay, Darth Vader is seen in the Level Failed screen, laughing at the player. He is not playable until the final battle, where he suddenly has a change of heart and hops onto the slingshot. When he collides onto a surface, he will simply hop back onto the slingshot. He can also use the force to push away nearby objects.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

In Angry Birds Star Wars II, a young Anakin was seen fixing one of his creations on Tatooine. He soon after joined the Bird Side in the battle against the Pork Side, defeating Sebulba Pig on Tatooine. He later went with his new allies to Naboo, and soon after went to space to destroy the Pork Federation Spaceship.

Anakin adopting a new identity as Darth Vader, from Angry Birds Star Wars II.

Much time later, Anakin became a Jedi Padawan and started to date (and then married) Padmé Amidala. At Kamino, he helped in the fight against Zam Wessel. He later went to Geonosis to continue the fight against the Pork Side, though he would slowly join it. He later killed Count Dooku and then turned against the Bird Side. When he was discovered, he killed Mace Windu and fled away to Mustafar as his former allies watched dumbfounded. On the planet, he had a battle against Obi Wan Kenobi, where he was thrown onto the magma, burning all his feathers. He was soon after saved by Darth Sidious, who gave him an special armor though a surgery. Anakin then adopted a new identity, calling himself Darth Vader.

In gameplay, Anakin Episode I and Anakin Episode II are both Bird Side characters, while Anakin Episode III and Darth Vader are Pork Side characters. They can all be used in their respective levels, though they can also be used in all the other levels of the game. They can be obtained by buying them at the shop, at random chance by melting carbonite, or by opening gifts.

Anakin Episode I is first introduced in the Bird Side version of Escape to Tatooine 2–6. When used, Anakin Episode I will be connected to his Podracer. Unlike other playable characters however, Anakin himself will not receive damage when he collides with a surface; rather, he will receive damage when his Podracer is destroyed. By tapping anywhere onto the screen, the player will make Anakin head towards the location the player tapped onto. Here, he will be unaffected by gravity and water. When it collides with any surface, Anakin's Podracer will explode, damaging nearby objects and enemies.

The costs of Anakin Episode I at the shop are as follows:

Product Cost (in credits)
+10 300
+30 400
+100 600
Permanent 1200

Anakin Episode II is first introduced in the Bird Side version of Rise of the Clones 4–1. When tapping onto the screen while Anakin is flying, he will swing his Lightsaber 180 grades once, destroying glass and wood, killing enemies, and slightly damaging metal and structures it touches. He can also perform this attack when he is hit, though the player will only have one second to use it.

The costs of Anakin Episode II at the shop are as follows:

Product Cost (in credits)
+10 500
+30 1000
+100 1500
Permanent 2250

Anakin Episode III is first introduced in the Pork Side version of Revenge of the Sith 5-5. When tapping onto the screen while Anakin is flying, he will use the force to grab nearby objects and enemies and then send them away. He can also perform this attack when he is hit, though the player will only have one second to use it.

The costs of Anakin Episode III at the shop are as follows:

Product Cost (in credits)
+10 750
+30 1500
+100 2000
Permanent 3350

Darth Vader is not actually introduced in the story; he can only be played as by using him at the shop. His attacks are the same as those from Anakin Episode III, except that he is now much stronger.

The costs of Darth Vader at the shop are as follows:

Product Cost (in credits)
+10 800
+30 1500
+100 2000
Permanent 3500


Darth Vader is a cunning, silent, and evil mastermind. An arrogant person, he is shown to lack any sense of empathy towards other people, not even his family; notably, he has tried kill his own children more than once to carry out his plans. Darth Vader is also shown to lack any sense of humor and is quick to get annoyed by his allies; one such example was when he saw Boba Fett stuck in his window, which left him with a look of disappointment and disapproval towards the pig.[3]

During his time as a Jedi Padawan, Anakin was a friendly but serious and short-tempered person, who was quick to get angry.[1] Despite this, he still was a caring person for his friends and was not willing to let them down. However, when he joined the Pork Side, he bacame an unpleasant-looking person, who had no problem killing any of his allies in front of them. He also lost all sense of empathy, leaving his former allies without showing any sense of sadness or regret towards them.

Powers and abilities

Darth Vader is a skilled fighter, with quick reflexes that allow him to avoid nearby attacks. With the use of the Force, he can also attract or send away nearby objects, which serves as one of his main attack methods. He is also shown to be an expert in engineering, as he was able to build devices on his own during his youth. In addition, Vader is an experienced pilot, capable of driving his own podracer device when he was a child and, more recently, his own TIE fighter.


When he was a child, Anakin was equipped with a flying device of his own that he could use to head towards his targets with ease. However, this device could be easily destroyed with a single impact.

As he grew older, Anakin used his lightsaber to deal significant damage to his targets. He later kept these abilities when he joined the Pork Side.





In other media

Boba's Delivery

In Boba's Delivery, Darth Vader was relaxing aboard his spaceship until he saw Boba Fett stuck onto one of his windows. Frustrated, he later sent the pig back to Cloud City.[3]


Main article: Red/Angry Birds Star Wars/Darth Vader/Gallery



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